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Aarti Sequeira Weight Loss Journey With Healthy Diet Tips

Recently, many fans have become interested in the weight loss journey of Aarti Sequeira. Skim through the article to know more about it.

Born on August 19, 1978, Aarti Sequeira is a cook and TV personality with both Indian and American roots.

She gained fame by winning the sixth season of the Food Network’s reality TV show, The Next Food Network Star. After her victory in 2010, her show, Aarti Party, debuted on the Food Network.

She also hosted Taste in Translation on the Cooking Channel, where she explores popular dishes from various parts of the world.

Before her culinary career, she worked as a producer for CNN News, and in 2008, she launched her online cooking show called Aarti Party.

Now, many fans are interested in the weight loss journey of Aarti Sequeira.

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Aarti Sequeira Weight Loss Journey

As the popularity of Aarti Sequeira increases, more people have become interested in her weight loss journey.

However, it has not been confirmed yet if Aarti Sequeira is even on a weight loss journey. So, it’s hard to estimate if she has lost her weight since the beginning of the journey.

She did once post about working out on an Instagram post in February 2018, but there wasn’t really much follow-up to it.

Aarti Sequeira working out
Aarti Sequeira had a fat loss and strength coach named Jessica Oar (Source: Instagram)

But looking at the recent images of Aarti Sequeira, it seems like she has maintained her weight and doesn’t seem to be losing much weight than before.

Maybe she is on a specific diet plan that helps her maintain her current weight.

It’s also not known what kind of specific diet plan she is following. However, she does have some favorite meals, which she has listed on her official website.

The first one listed there is the Persian Date Omelette, then there’s Mango Lassi (Dairy Free), The Sauce of the Summer (Tahini Herb Sauce with Chicken Shawarma), Mangalore Buns, and Pistachio Pesto Gnocchi With Asparagus.

She has also mentioned that her turmeric is Diaspora Company’s “single origin” turmeric.

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Aarti Sequeira Healthy Diet Restaurant Tips

Aarti Sequeira has previously shared 10 healthy restaurant eating guides on Cooking Channel TV.

She has claimed that these tips would help people to eat healthier at restaurants while also losing 5 pounds.

Aarti Sequeira out with her family
Aarti Sequeira is married to actor Brendan McNamara and has two daughters (Source: Instagram)

Here’s her top 10 tips:

  1. When dining out, scope it out – Before your visit, take a look at the restaurant’s menu on their website. Identify delicious dishes that won’t derail your plans.
  2. Start your day with protein – Instead of reaching for a large muffin, opt for yogurt and fresh fruit.
  3. Avoid the coffee carb load – Choose low-calorie drinks and coffee.
  4. Trim your portions to trim your waistline – Take your time to slow down between bites.
  5. Don’t go hungry! – Don’t skip meals in the day when going out at a restaurant at night.
  6. Go natural – Seek out foods in their natural states, such as beans, fruits, veggies, and whole grains.
  7. Give in to temptation! – It’s okay to enjoy your favorite foods once in a while. Constantly avoiding them might lead to overindulging later. So, mix in some healthier choices to balance things out.
  8. Follow Aarti’s Party pointers – Avoid showing up at a party with an empty stomach.
  9. Beware the generous bartender – Decide in advance the number of calories you’re comfortable allocating for alcoholic drinks when you go out.
  10. Cut out the cocktails – If possible, consider eliminating alcohol. Many restaurants provide a diverse selection of calorie-free drinks.
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