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Alex Murdaugh Wikipedia, Age: Who Is The Family Murderer?

As Alex Murdaugh presents in court for a new trial for his murder case, people look around to find details about his background with his Wikipedia. So who is he? Let’s find out!

Alex Murdaugh rose to prominence after killing his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul, on the grounds of their family hunting estate.

The crime also highlights Alex’s notorious past, where he embezzled his company’s money.

As the case made headlines, the killer’s family and early life were a subject of interest to many people.

Looking back, Alex came from a prestigious family with a remarkable educational and professional background.

However, the crime of killing his family has put a mark on his successful life, leading to court sentencing.

Now, Alex Murdaugh appears for a new trial for the murder, prompting many to look for his details on Wikipedia.

Alex Murdaugh Wikipedia, Age: Who Is The Family Murderer?

Netizens’ increased interest in his early life has led to a significant rise in the Wikipedia search for Alex Murdaugh.

However, given the broad coverage of his story, Wikipedia has not dedicated a page to Alex Murdaugh.

Regardless, court documents reveal notable details about the killer’s life, giving us a peek into his background.

Alex Murdaugh standing in court
Alex had a doctorate in law and operated a law firm. (Source: Twitter)

Alex Murdaugh, born on March 27, 1968, comes from a wealthy family that has lived in South Carolina since the 18th century.

Further, his father, Randolph Murdaugh III, ran the state office without objection in each election until retirement.

Coming from such a family, Alex had several milestones to achieve and graduated from USC as his first step.

Similarly, he attended USC’s School of Law, earning a degree in political science and juris doctorate.

Shortly after, Alex joined PMPED, which was a running tradition in the Murdaugh family.

Moreover, he volunteered as a part-timer in the 14th Circuit lawyer’s office for several years.

Alex Murdaugh lowering his head
Alex demanded a new trial for the murder case of his family. (Source: Twitter)

The now-56-year-old also served at the South Carolina Bar through his family’s law firm.

However, his life took a turn when he was found guilty of the shooting deaths of his wife and younger son.

Likewise, Alex’s crime led to his resignation from his law firm, bringing another case of cash fraud.

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Alex Murdaugh’s Sentence: Hearing For A New Murder Trial

Apart from his background, many have looked for the Wikipedia of Alex Murdaugh to learn more about the motive behind his crimes.

In June 2021, Alex asked his wife, Maggie, to meet him at their family’s hunting lodge with plans to meet his ill father later.

However, Maggie doubted the sudden call and immediately asked her friend about the meeting’s details.

Alex Murdaugh in handcuffs
Alex’s son had once been arrested on charges of fraud. (Source: Twitter)

Shortly after parking her car at the lodge, she found her son, Paul, lying unconscious near a dog kennel.

Moreover, Alex called the police hours later, claiming that he had discovered his family’s bodies on the property.

Investigations revealed that different guns had shot Maggie and Paul multiple times in the neck and chest.

Meanwhile, Alex initially maintained his innocence and stated that he had been with his mother at the time of the incident.

After a series of questioning and evidence findings, Alex was found guilty and sentenced to two life in prison.

Before the murder, he was also charged with more than 100 state counts related to financial crimes.

Alex being escorted by police
Alex’s motive for killing his family remains unclear. (Source: Twitter)

Over the years, Alex had stolen more than $12 million from valuable clients, for which he got another 27 years in jail.

Recently, the killer claimed that a court clerk improperly influenced the jury in deciding his sentence.

However, the hearing to decide whether Alex will receive a new murder trial is underway at a South Carolina court.

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