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Ameshia Cross Wikipedia: Does She Have A Husband?

The political commentator and advocate has been the topic of discussion due to her current nomination as a director of The Education Trust. People have started to show interest in the Wikipedia of Ameshia Cross.

Ameshia Cross is an experienced public contributor who joined The Education Trust in 2022 as the director of strategic communications and external affairs.

She started her career as a communication intern in Harold Ford Jr. for the US Senate in 2005. Since then, she has never left politics behind.

Having a career for over two decades in the political industry, she has recently been the known face in the US.

Because of her popularity, people started to look after her. Some of them look for Ameshia Cross on Wikipedia, while others are trying to find her husband and personal life.

Details On Ameshia Cross Wikipedia: Know More About Early Life And Education

Despite being a well-known personality in the field of politics, Wikipedia has not dedicated a page to Ameshia Cross. 

The American commentator, Ameshia, was born in 1980 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She attended a public school in Philadelphia.

As a daughter raised by a single mother, she along with her mother worked hard to raise her 4 siblings.

Ameshia Cook shared childhood photo with her siblings.
Ameshia popularity rose after her nomination as director in 2022. (Source: Instagram)

In one of her interviews, she mentioned that her mother had a health disorder and cancer.

Having excellent academics, she was also a member of the National Honor Society, the debate team, and the track team during her high school.

She then joined Belmont University for a BA in Political Science and Journalism. The same year she started her career in politics and joined Harold Ford in 2005.

During her university, she has also worked with Obama, Tripper Gore, White House, Alexi, and Rahm.

After 3 years of her study, she joined Roosevelt University in MPA in Public Administration in 2010. She completed her studies in 2012.

Furthermore, She officially joined the U.S. Environment Protection Agency in 2012 as an Environmental Protection Agency.

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Ameshia Career As A Renowned Political Contributor in Philadelphia

After a year as an EPS, she served as a project manager at Chicago Federal Executive Board and once has been nominated as Miss Black Chicago.

In August 2013, she started her career in Enroll American as IL Field Lead. The commentator has also worked in Cook Country for two years.

Ameshi Cross selfie at Bodega Spanish Tapas & Lounge
Ameshia Cross has received more than 10 awards in her career. (Source: Instagram)

Never getting behind on getting experience, she has also worked as a National Director of Diversity and Outreach.

As a former member, Cross also joined City College of Chicago, Nobel Network, Caldwell Strategic Consulting, and Sinclair Broadcast Group.

In August 2018, she worked as a Director of State Policy, while in 2021, she was nominated as a Fill-In-Host at BNC.

After years of hardship, she finally landed in the director position of The Education Trust since February 2022.

Nevertheless, let’s hope to see a well-dedicated Wikipedia page of Ameshia Cross in the near future. 

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Does Ameshia Have A Husband? Learn More About Her Relationship

Although she has been in the limelight for over a decade, Ameshia has successfully managed to keep her personal life well-guarded.

Although people are more interested in her marital status, there is no current evidence suggesting that she has a husband.

Ameshia is good at taking a mirror selfie.
Ameshia is also a Communications and Government Affairs Professional. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, it seems that she is not in a relationship right now.

Although she keeps a regular presence on a number of social media sites, sharing information about her interests and career, she has never spoken about her dating life.

As of now, her personal connections are still private, and fans and followers should respect her right to privacy in this area.

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