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Anndel Taylor, 22 Years Old Girl Died In A Car After Getting Trapped By Snow

People search for Anndel Taylo as the 22-year-old died in her car after getting trapped by snow.

According to her relatives, a 22-year-old woman was discovered dead during the holiday weekend in Buffalo, New York, after being trapped in her car by the blizzard that blanketed western New York.

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Anndel Taylor, who had moved from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Buffalo, New York, was on her way home from work at a senior citizen facility and was just six minutes away by automobile home when she became stranded, according to relatives in Charlotte who became concerned when they lost contact with her.

Did Anndel Taylo, 22 Years Old Girl, Died In A Car After Getting Trapped By Snow?

Anndel Taylor, 22, of Charlotte, was driving home from work in Buffalo when her car became trapped in the snow, according to her family, according to ABC station WSOC-TV. ”

Taylor’s oldest sister, Tomeshia Brown, told CNN that Taylor submitted a video to a group chat with her sisters at 3 pm on Friday.

Anndel Taylo
Anndel Taylo (source: thesun)

She recorded the snow and whiteout conditions in the video. Brown claimed she contacted her sisters in North Carolina that she was trapped and the snow was falling.

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Taylor dialed 911 and was waiting for first responders, according to Brown and Taylor’s mother, Wanda Brown Steele.

“Her goal was to wait until the cops arrived,” her sister added, but if that didn’t work, she planned to “stand up and walk after her car ran out of petrol.” She also stated that she intended to sleep and then try to walk home if help did not arrive.

Taylor’s family stated they were in touch with her throughout the day. Taylor contacted one of her sisters separately to indicate she was starting to panic, Brown continued.

She would deliver her final video message to the group chat early on Christmas Eve.

According to Brown, Taylor’s body would not be taken from the car until the next day, after a lady notified him via Facebook that she had also discovered the vehicle – and her sister’s body.

What Was Anndel Taylo Last Video? Explained

Taylor defrosts her car’s driver-side window in the video, displaying a road converted into a bleak wasteland by the snow. 

A van farther down the road, which looks to be stalled, is flashing its danger lights. Taylor stated in the group chat that the snow would most likely be up to her waist if she stepped out of her car.

Anndel Taylo
Anndel Taylo Last Video (source: thesun)

Later that morning, at 9 am on Christmas Eve, members of her North Carolina family called and texted her. “In the group, we texted her and asked, ‘Are you OK?'” Brown stated. When Taylor did not react, the family became concerned.

“My sister traced her phone maybe two hours later,” Brown explained. “She [Taylor] had to have communicated her whereabouts with my sister. And it demonstrated that she remained outdoors.”

Taylor’s relatives in Buffalo were informed of the address, but when they came, they said they spotted Brown’s car but did not see her inside.

“So I posted the information on a private Facebook page called Buffalo Blizzard 2022 and begged for assistance,” Brown explained. 

She publicized the location of the monitored phone, and later that evening, she received a phone call from an unidentified male. “He told us he checked her pulse, and there was no pulse,” Brown explained.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “It was like a searing sensation throughout my body.” Taylor’s mother, Brown Steele, said she was in “shock.”


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