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Eylon Levy Fired News: What Did He Do And Where Is He Now?

Eylon Levy was recently suspended from the spokesperson position, raising speculations about whether he has been fired. 

Eylon Levy gained fame in the international media for his fearless advocacy and on-point debates for Israel. 

Key Takeaways 

  • In early March, Eylon was temporarily dismissed from his position amid the illegal social media conflict with UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron.
  • Although it was the primary cause, he later opened up, saying his support for anti-Netanyahu protests fuelled his removal issue.
  • Eylon stepped down from his position after 3 weeks of his suspension. Thus, he was not fired. 
  • Away from his position, he is planning and executing a liberal team to support and defend Israelis. He is determined to aid their support and fulfill his responsibility as a person descended from British-Israeli ancestry.

Eylon Levy was born in London, UK, to Israeli immigrant parents, which explains why he has been actively defending Israel ever since the dawn of his career.

He comes from an Irish-Jewish lineage and also wrote his thesis emphasizing the issues related to Jewish refugees.

Levy grew up in Finchley, attended University College School Hampstead, and then went to Cambridge and Oxford, where he was a campus reporter for the JC.

Before officially working for the government, he served as an international media advisor for President Issac Herzog. 

Why Eylon Levy Was Suspended? 

The prominent figure in the UK media, Eylon, was believed to be officially suspended until further notice after an illegal quarrel with the British Foreign Office.

The primary reason was the social media spat in which he commented in response to the UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron.

Cameron’s post was associated with asking the Israeli government to provide more aid. 

However, Eylon denied that he was sacked barely over a social media row. 

There was something big hiding behind the curtains, and that was his support for anti-Netanyahu protests.

Thus, domestic Israeli politics was majorly responsible for the reasons shown and discussed in the media.

In an interview with The Sun, he stated, 

In israel, it was reported that the prime minister’s wife, SARA Netanyahu, wanted to dismiss me from my position as i was actively involved in protesting and proved to be a threat to the government.

Thus, the case of Cameron’s tweet was only an excuse to process Levy’s dismissal; the root for this lay behind his underpinning of Netanyahu’s protests. 

After 3 weeks of his suspension, he took to his Twitter account and changed his bio to  Former Israeli Government Spokesman and tweeted,

You don’t need to be a spokesperson to speak up for Israel. he along with his team is embarking on an independent path.

This hints that he was not fired. Instead, he willingly stepped down from his position. 

Where Is The Brilliant Advocate Now?

As Levy has stepped back from his position, he plans to execute the movement independently with his team without the involvement of government bodies. 

In addition, he is playing his part from his side in organizing anti-judicial reform protests.


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He had been pre-planning his next move before he decided to back down. So, immediately after his dismissal, the spokesman commenced a liberal effort to protect Israel on the airwaves. 

Furthermore, he mentioned in the interview that Israel will continue to go after Hamas, trying their best to return the hostages.

This means he will be actively involved in advocacy and support, avoiding the limelight. 


When Did Eylon Levy Tweet About Backing Off From His Position?

He tweeted on March 31, 2024, and pinned the post on the top of his profile.

During The Massacre On October 7, Where Was He?

Before October 7, he was not employed by the government and acted voluntarily. He volunteered to interview and speak for Israelis’ rights and well-being.

Did The Former Spokesperson Enlist In The Military?

In 2014, during the Gaza War, he moved to Israel to enlist in the Israeli military to fulfill his duties. He was only 23 then. He served as the Co-ordinator of Government Activities in the Territories unit. 

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