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Nicola Sturgeon Sexuality: Gay Rumors Debunked, Family And Net Worth

Viewers are keen on Nicola Sturgeon’s Sexuality after rumors of her being gay debunked following her statement stated the row over Scotland’s gender reforms ended up in court.

Nicola Sturgeon is a Scottish female politician to hold and served as First Minister of Scotland and Leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) since 2014.

The politician is first an additional member of the Glasgow electoral region, who has been a Scottish Parliament (MSP) member since 1999.

Before Nicola’s election to the Scottish Parliament, she served successively as the SNP’s shadow minister for education, health, and justice.

Nicole holds a Law degree and is a qualified solicitor; she worked for Bell & Craig, a firm of solicitors in Stirling, the Drumchapel Law Centre, and a Money Advice Centre in Glasgow.

Nicola Sturgeon Sexuality: Gay Rumors Debunked

Nicola’s sexuality made several headlines after she made a gay conviction apology.  

The politician offered an unequivocal apology to gay men convicted of sexual offenses that are no longer illegal.

According to BBC, the minister’s apology coincided with new legislation that will automatically pardon gay and bisexual men convicted under historical laws.

Nicola Sturgeon Sexuality
Nicola Sturgeon apologizes to thousands of Scottish gay men with historical sex convictions(Source: Gaytimes)

In the Scottish Parliament, the first minister stated it was shocking that consenting sexual activity between men in Scotland was still classed as a criminal activity until recently.

Since Authorities created the Scottish Parliament in 1999, the first time this has been done, Alister Jack, Scottish Secretary, will use a Section 35 order to prevent the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill from gaining royal assent.

BBC claims the reforms are intended to make it easier for trans people to change their legally-recognized sex and plans to block Scottish reforms after UK government confirmation.

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Nicola Sturgeon Family: Is She Married?

The Leader of the Scottish National Party hails from Political background.

Nicola is the eldest of two daughters, born on 19 July 1970 to Joan Kerr Sturgeon and Robin Sturgeon at Ayrshire Central Hospital in Irvine.

Her mother, Joan Kerr Sturgeon, is a Scottish politician and former dental nurse who served as the Provost of North Ayrshire and is a member of the Scottish National Party (SNP). 

Nicola Sturgeon Sexuality
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon with her mother, Provost Joan Sturgeon(Source: Scotsman)

Nicole’s Father is an electrician. The politician has a younger sister, Gillian Sturgeon, an NHS worker.

The politician has some roots in North East England; her paternal grandmother, Margaret Sturgeon (née Mill), was from Ryhope in the City of Sunderland.

Nicole’s grandmother married Robert Sturgeon, a gardener from Ayr, at St Paul’s Parish Church, and they migrated to the southwest of Scotland.

How Much Is Nicola Sturgeon Net Worth?

As per Wageindicaltor, the salary entitlement for the First Minister, including MSP salary, will rise by a total of £2,179 to £157,859.

According to sources, Nicola’s earnings can be estimated at around £163,229.00 annually and monthly £13,602.42 as the First minister’s Annual salary (including MSP salary) is £163,229 in Scotland.

Per a Daily Mail article published in 2016, Nicola Sturgeon’s tax return shows that she declared an income of £104,000, despite being eligible for a £144,687 salary.

As Health Secretary, Sturgeon became more widely known internationally for handling the 2009 flu pandemic.

On 24 September 2014, Sturgeon officially launched her Campaign bid to succeed Salmond as Leader of the Scottish National Party at the November leadership election.

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