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Arion Kurtaj Wiki: Is The GTA VI Hacker In Prison?

Arion Kurtaj is an 18-year-old boy who comes from Oxford, England. He may look like a teenager, but his actions have shocked the world. Let’s explore the wiki of Arion Kurtaj.

He is a member of the notorious Lapsus$ crime gang which is a gang that conducts various cyber crimes.

Arion Kurtaj after joining the Lapsus$ gang went wild with his hacking skills causing a big chaos.

Many people wonder about the young kid and how on earth he managed to be part of such a big hacking spree.

His hacking has left big companies like Rockstar Games in a great loss, this has led many to search for Arion Kurtaj Wiki.

Arion Kurtaj Wiki: From Regular Life to Cybercrime Chaos with Lapsus$ Gang

Although in this day and age, no information can stay away from the Internet, very little is there about Arion’s life before his crimes.

Arion Kurtaj
Arion Kurtaj Wiki would have been so great if he had not made such poor choices. (Source: Twitter)

Reports suggest that Arion Kurtaj lived a normal life with his parents in Oxford, England.

However, a big change came in his life after he decided to join the Lapsus$’s crime gang.

From living a normal British life to switching to a life filled with crimes, things were beginning to get intense for him.

He along with his gang were unstoppable with their hacking spree.

After working for the gang for a while, Arion Kurtaj became a pro at causing chaos for big companies.

It was all going smoothly for him until he and one of his friends whose name is not made public decided to target Rockstar Games.

Rockstar Games is a big name in the gaming industry, they are behind the much-awaited Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6).

Arion and his friend went on to swipe valuable codes from the company causing damage worth 7 million European dollars.

Arion Kurtaj GTA
Arion Kurtaj is responsible for a big loss for so many companies and he would not have put and stop to it himself. (Source: Twitter)

Not only that, they also hit up servers at BT and EE.

Arion Kurtaj and his friend wanted a $4 million ransom from the company.

It would have worked out great for them if the officials did not get to them.

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Trouble with Rockstar Games: Arion Kurtaj and His Friend in Legal Hot Water

The company, Rockstar Games has taken legal action against Arion and his friend, they had 12 offenses.

They were arrested in January of 2022 but somehow got out after some time.

After only a month of getting out, Arion Kurtaj and his friend began hacking once again.

In February of 2022, they got to the NVIDIA servers by hacking while from their hotel.

Arion Kurtaj Wiki GTA
Let’s hope that the GTA games will be able to get back soon after dealing with their losses. (Source: Twitter)

Not only that Arion Kurtaj and his friend once again made an attempt to target Rockstar games.

They used an Amazon Fire TV stick, a smartphone, a keyboard, and a mouse to break into their official Slack channel.

They were responsible for releasing 90 incomplete GTA6 gameplay videos online.

This became the biggest leak in gaming history.

We do not know about the main agenda behind why Arion Kurtaj did what he did but he got into custody again.

However here comes a plot twist, he allegedly deals with autism.

This has made the legal proceedings a bit hard for the officials.

Arion Kurtaj is unfit for the trial and is now put into a psychiatric facility for an indefinite time.

The wiki of Arion Kurtaj is one full of un-reversable poor choices but it does highlight his abilities in tech at such a young age.

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