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Who Are Baby Deorr Parents Jessica Mitchell and Vernal DeOrr Kunz? Family And Ethnicity

The renowned child missing cold case has captivated the attention of Baby Deorr Parents after he mysteriously disappeared from a camping trip, making them prime suspects. 

On July 10, 2015, 2-year-old DeOrr Kunz Jr. mysteriously disappeared around 2.40 pm while camping in Lemhi County, Idaho. 

The baby was on the trip with his parents, Jessica Mitchell and DeOrr Kunz Sr., his great-grandfather Bob Walton and Walton’s friend Isaac Reinwand.

The victim’s parents believed his grandfather, Robert Walton, was watching DeOrr Jr. at the Timber Creek Campground. Meanwhile, Robert thought of the victim with his parents and Isaac.

Although it has been more than five years, there has been no sign of DeOrr since that day, and nobody has been charged with his disappearance. 

In January 2016, former Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn Bowerman suspected his parents, Mitchell and Kunz Sr.but they were never arrested or charged, and the case is still open. 

Who Are Baby Deorr Parents, Jessica Mitchell and Vernal DeOrr Kunz?

Two-year-old Deorr Kunz Jr. was with his parents, Jessica Mitchell and Vernal DeOrr Kunz Senior, who disappeared while visiting Timber Creek Campground, 10 miles from Leadore (east of Challis), Idaho.

The parents’ separate 911 calls, Police interviews, and other evidence triggered an investigation that left more questions than answers.

Baby Deorr Parents
Deorr Kunz Jr. was with his parents and family members when he disappeared.(Source: Techlibraries)

Jessica Mitchell and Vernal Kunz broke off their engagement shortly after their son’s disappearance, remarried and moved out of state.

Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn Bowerman said his parents were walking down a creek near the campsite to fish with Reinwand. DeOrr Jr. followed the three individuals.

After his parents reported him missing, authorities brought in advanced teams and K9 dogs to find any sign of the victim, and searchers focused on the Timber Creek and Stone Reservoir near the campsite where he was observed.

Furthermore, three private investigators have conducted their investigations into the case, but no solid evidence on DeOrr’s whereabouts has been produced.

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Baby Deorr Family And Ethnicity

The victim, DeOrr Jay Kunz Jr., was born on December 30, 2012, to Jessica Mitchell and her fiancé at the time, Vernal DeOrr Kunz Sr., in Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

Baby Deorr’s ethnicity is white, and he belongs to the American nationality.

On July 10, 2015, Mitchell and Vernal’s decision to take the camping and fishing trip was sudden and unexpected, according to other family members.

Other family members, Reinwand and Walton, who were present at Campaign, also revealed they had no idea where the boy was when interviewed by the Police. 

In November 2019, HLN’s Real Life Nightmare series reexamined the case and aired unseen footage, including hours of recorded interviews with family members and friends.

Baby Deorr Case Update: Did They Find Any Lead?

Publicly the case has been relatively quiet in recent months, apart from continued litigation between the family and a private investigator.

After months of testing at the FBI office in Quantico, Virginia, investigators announced a bone found at the campsite in June 2019 was from an animal and not connected to the missing boy.

 In 2017, The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children released an age-progressed photo of DeOrr Kunz Jr.

Baby Deorr Parents
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children released an age-progressed photo of DeOrr Kunz Jr.(Source:strangeoutdoors)

As per Lemhi County Sheriff Steve Penner, the Baby Deorr Missing case is still open at the time of writing this article and is active.

 After winning the 2017 election, former sheriff, Lynn Bowerman, retired, and presently, Steve Penner is in charge of the case as not only the lead investigator.

 In January 2016, Inconsistencies in statements became public, and officials said his parents had failed multiple polygraph tests, making Mitchell and DeOrr Sr. prime suspects in this case.

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