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Barbara Furlow Smiles Husband Ernest Smiles: Wikipedia & Salary

As Barbara Furlow Smiles pleads guilty in an embezzlement case, the spotlight shifts to her husband as many search for their details. Find out more further in this article.

Born in July 1985, Barbara Furlow Smiles is a former Diversity Leader at Facebook, in charge of promoting inclusion.

Hailing from Georgia, Barbara is also an author and a public speaker with an international relations degree.

Further, she studied abroad at the University of Capetown and volunteered in Costa Rica to expand her horizons.

However, despite a successful career, Barbara was involved in a series of frauds that affected the author’s image.

As news of the crime makes headlines, many have shown their interest in the husband of Barbara Furlow Smiles.

Barbara Furlow Smiles Husband Ernest Smiles: Wikipedia & Salary

After the case of embezzlement, netizens have been curious about the family of Barbara Furlow Smiles, including her husband.

Barbara has been married to Ernest Smiles for a long time, and they have a daughter.

Further, Ernest, a resident of Portland, Oregon, is also an author and bodybuilding champion.

As for his educational background, he has a bachelor’s degree in operation management from Baruch College.

Ernest Smiles at a book launch
Ernest has played the role of senior manager in several firms. (Source: Linkedin)

Moreover, the author expanded his knowledge by obtaining a master’s in business administration from Syracuse University.

Later, he entered the professional field as a freight team supervisor at Home Depot.

After evaluating his expertise and technical skills, the company promoted Ernest to special service supervisor.

Likewise, the husband of Barbara Furlow Smiles has worked as a senior service manager at Ryder System for four years.

He continued to excel in his field as he transferred from companies like Bauer’s Transportation and NW Natural.

Over the years, Ernest has helped to expand several companies by maximizing efficient procedures.

Similarly, his salary is estimated to be in the millions after working at senior levels at several companies.

Ernest Smiles and family
Ernest values quality time with his family. (Source: Linkedin)

After earning recognition for his professional field, Ernest explored the writing world.

He and his wife published a family adventure book, When Imani Smiles In France, in September 2023.

The story follows Imani as she makes new friends in France while enjoying the magical trip across the country.

Despite such achievements, the acts of his wife have brought negative light into his life.

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Former Facebook Diversity Leader: Barbara Embezzlement Case

The recent case has shed light on the connection between Barbara Furlow Smiles and her husband in the million-dollar fraud.

Barbara was in charge of executing all the initiatives and programs under the Facebook DEI program.

Moreover, her position provided her with access to company credit cards.

According to a report from US District Attorney, Barbara allegedly stole over $4 million from Facebook to “fund a lavish lifestyle.”

Further, she conducted a kickback scheme to use Facebook credit cards to pay family and friends.

Barbara Furlow Smiles smiling
Barbara is navigating through a legal procedure. (Source: Twitter)

As per her scheme, Barbara made it seem like the parties involved provided service to the company for which they received payment.

The former leader then submitted fraudulent expense reports to the company to cover her tracks.

Similarly, her associates paid Barbara back most of the money through her husband’s account.

Moreover, they mostly used Federal Express or mail for the transaction, further concealing the scheme.

Following such revelations, Facebook Inc. said in a statement that they are operating with law enforcement.

Currently, Barbara is free on a $5,000 bond but is all set to be sentenced on March 19, 2024.

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