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Beauty CEO Leaked Video And Face: Where Is Patience Egbor Ex Husband?

Beauty CEO Leaked Video and Voice Note is breaking the internet. Let’s get into the article till the end to learn more about this details.

She Played the Victim Card” leaked Addressing Hubby Trends October 30, 2023, Monday, 1:45 PM through Ankrah Shalom.

More details about the marriage drama involving the CEO of Face of Beauty and her ex-husband can be found in a voicemail that was leaked. 

The voice message detailed her husband’s financial support, stating that he gives her more than N50k for maintenance. Online users responded to the biased article differently, with many criticizing the woman for her public outcry.

Reactions to the voice memo leak from internet users have been swift. Some people sympathized with Patience Egbor’s frustrations, but others thought the matter might be more complicated than what was said in the voice message.

Beauty CEO Leaked Video has been a topic of interest for people, so let’s dig in and learn more about it.

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Beauty CEO Leaked Video And Face

The CEO of Face of Beauty Nigeria, Patience Egbor, has opened up about her heartbreaking personal experience. After a disastrous marriage, the young mother of two who once owned millions of naira has become impoverished. 

The Beauty CEO Leaked Video mentioned that her ex-husband provides up to N60,000 and more for the upbringing of their kids.

Recall that Patience said in the first video that went viral, calling out her ex-husband, that he sends her as little as N2,000 a day for food. 

Beauty queen sobbing after her hubby left her Image courtesy of @lindaikejisblog on Instagram. Egbor, patience, pleads for money. 

She was given notice to vacate her rented residence with her two children, and after receiving a notice, she broke down in tears and begged for alms on social media. 

Before her “world crumbed,” Patience, who wed her spouse in 2018, recalled how financially secure she was and even managed to take care of her whole home. 

She stated that she founded the first online pageant brand, her beauty brand, in 2017 and that it has made millions of dollars since its launch. 

Beauty CEO Leaked Video
Beauty CEO leaked video has been a topic of interest for people. (Source: Gistreel)

She then obtained her first car in her name, which enviously made her husband happy. A bit later, when he went bankrupt, he had her sell the car. 

Soon later, they relocated to Lagos with their two children, and that’s when everything went crazy. 

He left her and the kids behind, saying he would pick up a new skill, but he later texted her to tell her that their relationship had ended a long time ago.

She was already broken and had no one to turn to for support, so this devastated her heart. The CEO described how she had to beg him for pitiful sums of money, like two thousand, after going days without eating.  

Where Is Patience Egbor, Ex Husband?

The voice memo that was released also contained accusations from Patience Egbor’s former spouse. He decided to cut back on the food budget after accusing her of wasteful spending. 

In self-defense, Patience claimed that her ex-husband was OK with bigger payments being provided for other things like buying supplies for the kids or paying for medical bills. 

Beauty CEO Leaked Video
The discovery of a leaked voicemail has further illuminated the CEO of Face of Beauty and her ex-husband’s marital drama. (Source: Legit)

She asked why their daily food needs were not met with the same generosity. After lending her impoverished spouse some money, a beauty queen who once made millions goes bankrupt. 

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