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Ben Mehl Wikipedia & Wife: Meet My Christmas Guide Lead Cast

The rising star, Ben Mehl, has been carving his name in the entertainment industry, and fans wonder about his Wikipedia.

Ben Mehl, an actor from Toronto, rose to fame after his role in the psycho-thriller series You.

He is a fairly new addition to the entertainment industry, and many are already impressed by his performance.

Further, Mehl is a multi-talented actor who has already performed minor roles in several films.

Mehl’s confidence on the screen is admirable, which has landed him numerous big projects.

With the release of his latest My Christmas Guide movie, many wonder about Ben Mehl and his official Wikipedia.

Ben Mehl Wikipedia And Wife: Everything To Know About The Actor

As a rising star, Ben Mehl has no official Wikipedia dedicated to him yet.

However, here’s everything you need to know about the versatile actor.

Ben Mehl is an Italian-born and American-based T.V. celebrity and media personality.

His parents immigrated from South Africa with two older brothers, who also participated in school plays.

Ben Mehl wikipedia
Mehl is a versatile actor and a teacher. (Source: Instagram)

Further, at a young age, Mehl discovered his affection for movies and acting, which his parents supported.

In fifth grade, he explored drama, music, dance, and visual arts through a school program.

As for his higher academics, Mehl has a degree in astrophysics and drama from the University of Toronto.

However, due to the lack of a Wikipedia page, many do not know that Ben Mehl is legally blind.

During his college days, Mehl was diagnosed with a rare genetic form of macular degeneration called Stargardt’s disease.

The disease causes one to lose central vision, and there is no treatment or cure.

Ben actor
Mehl wants to see a correct representation of blind people in media. (Source: Instagram)

Despite such conditions, Ben Mehl has continued working with roles in The Good Wife, Viral Beauty, The Fly Room, and Off Duty.

Fans have also wondered about the family life of Ben Mehl following the lack of a Wikipedia page.

In an interview, Ben Mehl talked about his twin daughters and how they helped him to portray family dynamics on screen.

However, Ben Mehl has kept other details about his wife and children under the covers.

Nevertheless, apart from his work on the screens, Mehl spends time with his family and teaches theater to other kids.

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Meet My Christmas Guide Cast: Hallmark Movie Starring Ben

Along with many T.V. series, Ben Mehl is set to star in the latest Hallmark movie, My Christmas Guide.

The movie premiered on November 2, 2023, on different online platforms.

Further, the story revolves around a blind college literature professor, Trevor, who gets a guide dog at the suggestion of his daughter.

Likewise, they visit a facility, Best Friend Dog Guides, that trains seeing-eye dogs for the vision impaired.

Ben Mehl movie
The Hallmark movie is a breakthrough one for Mehl. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Trevor meets Peyton, who introduces them to a perfect guide dog, Max.

As Peyton trains the dog, she bonds with Trevor and helps him regain his old self-confidence.

My Christmas Guide is a classic holiday movie, and the cast details are as follows:

  • Ben Mehl- Trevor
  • Amber Marshall- Peyton
  • Ava Weiss- Annie
  • Justin Nurse- Chad
  • Aidan Kalechstein- Bigger Boy
  • Vox Smith- Sean
  • Jonathan Valvano- Nathan

Likewise, Max McGuire directed the movie, and Keith Hemstreet wrote it.

Andrew C. Erin, Taralee Gerhard, and Timothy O. Johnson are the producers of the holiday movie.

Further, the movie is the chance for Mehl to represent blind people and showcase their daily struggles.

Moreover, viewers can access My Christmas Guide through platforms like Philo, Fubo TV, and DirecTV Stream.

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  1. This is a great movie and inspiration to others to help them be able to know they can no matter…thank you Ben for all you do….and thanks to your family for the support and love they give.


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