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Billboard Hot 100 Predictions Next Week: Twitter & Spotify Covered

Every artist wants to score a position on the Billboard Hot 100, and even their fans discuss predictions for next week. Who are the rising artists on the chart? Find out in this article.

The Billboard Hot 100 is the music industry standard record chart in the United States.

Chart rankings are based on sales, both physical and digital, online streaming, and radio play in the states.

Further, the rankings cover songs from different genres and artists.

Billboard compiles and releases a new chart online every week through their website.

Since the beginning of the ranking in 1958, there have been 1,156 different number-one entries in the Billboard.

With the release of a recent chart on October 7, 2023, people have started the next week’s Billboard Hot 100 predictions.

Billboard Hot 100 Predictions Next Week: Twitter And Spotify Covered

After a week of streaming and analysis, the internet has predicted the Hot 100 for next week.

Paint The Town Red by Doja Cat is set to maintain its spot at the top next week with a total of 23.3m streams.

Further, a collab between BTS singer Jungkook and Jack Harlow, 3D, is expected at number two.

Their single has earned 400,000 global units in its opening week.

Doja Cat in Billboard Hot 100 song mv
Doja is expected to claim the top spot in the charts for consecutive weeks. (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, Snooze by SZA, Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift, and Fast Car by Luke Combs are likely to hold their position in the top 5.

With streams of 25.2m to 9.6m, artists like Zach Bryan, Morgan Wallen, Gunna, Olivia Rodrigo and Selena Gomez have the top 10 spots.

Moreover, Barbie soundtracks are still on the charts with great streams and airplay.

In addition, new songs from NSYNC, Thomas Rhett, and Noah Kahan, among others, are likely to enter the rankings.

Likewise, artists like Tyla are predicted to enter the charts, which is the first appearance in her career.

Drake performing on stage
Drake is gearing up to claim the top 10 spots with his new album. (Source: Twitter)

Songs from J. Cole, Miley Cyrus, Bad Bunny, Mitski, and Ice Spice will spread throughout the ranks.

Furthermore, Drake’s new album will climb up next week’s Billboard Hot 100 chart as per predictions.

According to Twitter users, the use of songs on platforms like TikTok and Instagram influences their rankings.

Also, a few songs from Rod Wave, Wet, and Peso Pluma might get lower ranks in the future.

Overall, the weekly ranking in the Billboard Hot 100 will be exciting for both listeners and musicians, along with fans making predictions.

Billboard Hot 100’s Current Ranking And Chart

Currently, Doja Cat rules the chart with her song Paint The Town Red with both gain in airplay and performance.

The number one hit has over 3.8 million streams on Spotify worldwide.

Further, first-timers like Petey, Chappell Roan, Charles Wesley and more have their spot in the ranks.

Billboard Hot 100 for this week
Billboard ranks songs on the basis of the streams on various platforms. (Source: Instagram)

Genres like hip-hop and country continue to dominate the current rankings.

In addition, artists like Taylor Swift, Usher, Karol G, and 21 Savage have their older releases still on the charts.

Many other songs have departed the ranks compared to previous charts.

Moreover, all the artists in the current Billboard Hot 100 have streams of more than 5 million.

Likewise, Zach Bryan’s song has earned the highest ranking debut in the current Billboard chart.

Meanwhile, Lil Boo Thang by Paul Russell has earned the biggest digital sales and gain.

Karol G wins Billboard awards
Karol G became the first Spanish female artist to secure the Billboard 200 charts in history. (Source: Instagram)

Despite their departure earlier, artists like Kodak Black, Tim McGraw, and Victoria Monet succeeded in re-entering the listing.

The Billboard Hot 100 has been a benchmark of success for a long time, and predictions are one of the treats for listeners.

It is also something that many artists strive for throughout their careers and remains one of music’s greatest honors.

Further, artists from outside of the US have also been able to secure a position in the chart.

This shows the growth of the music industry as well as listener’s preferences.

In addition, Billboard is an easy way to track which artists are truly making waves.

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