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Brendan Mcloughlin Brothers K.C. & Patrick Mcloughlin: Wiki & Age

Being a celebrity spouse, Brendan Mcloughlin can’t stay away from the limelight, and people are curious to know more, even about his brothers.

Born in 1991, Brendan Mcloughlin is a former New York Police Department officer.

He is popularly known as the husband of American singer and songwriter Miranda Lambert.

Further, during his time as a police officer, Brendan put excellent efforts into stopping a bank robber.

After he retired from the force in 2020, Brendan put his hands on acting in music videos.

Now, people wonder about the personal details of Brendan Mcloughlin, including his brothers.

Brendan Mcloughlin Brothers K.C. And Patrick Mcloughlin: Wiki And Age

Despite Brendan’s popularity, his details are not easily available.

Further, the brothers of Brendan, K.C. and Patrick Mcloughlin, do not have a Wikipedia page, which makes it challenging to learn more.

However, the social media accounts of the Mcloughlin brothers provide us with some scoop.

Brendan has two brothers, K.C. and Patrick Mcloughlin, making him the youngest of the three.

Brendan McLoughlin with his wife and brothers
Mcloughlin brothers share a special bond with their sister-in-law. (Source: Instagram)

K.C. seems to be a fitness freak and owns a training studio in New York named The Lodge.

Moreover, K.C. appeared in his sister-in-law’s music video, Tequila Does, alongside his two brothers.

In the recent MV, Brendan Mcloughlin and his brothers appear shirtless, showing off their muscular bodies.

Further, viewers claim that all the brothers look exactly the same due to their height and build.

However, Brendan’s other sibling, Patrick, seems to be a private person, as many details about him are not available.

K.C. McLoughlin infront of his studio
Being a fitness freak, K.C. owns a training studio in New York. (Source: Instagram)

Due to minimal info, the age gap between the Mcloughlin brothers cannot be stated.

Likewise, the marital status of Brendan’s brothers is also unknown, which has left fans more curious.

Coming from a mixed ethnic background, Brendan shares a lot of childhood memories with his brothers.

Brendan’s father is an army veteran, and his mother is a retired NYPD detective.

As his father was usually away in the military, Brendan’s mother was responsible for raising all the children.

Both K.C. and Patrick seem to have a healthy relationship with Brendan and his wife.

Some of Brendan’s social media posts feature his brothers during parties and celebrations.

Despite that, both the Mcloughlin brothers have minimal presence in media and networking platforms.

Brendan Mcloughlin’s Relationship and Children

Brendan has been married to Miranda Lambert since January 2019.

The couple first met while Miranda was doing Good Morning America along with the band The Pistol Annies.

As Brendan is 33 years old, he is 7 years younger than his wife, who is currently 40.

Although Brendan no longer works as a cop, he thanks his old job for finding his singer spouse.

Brendan McLoughlin kissing Miranda
The couple kept their relationship a secret until their wedding. (Source: Instagram)

They kept their whole affair a secret and surprised everyone by getting married.

Moreover, they only invited their closest relatives and friends to their private and casual wedding.

However, a few days after their first meeting, Brendan welcomed a son named Landon with Kaihla Rettinger.

But this has not affected his relationship with Miranda, as they are happily together in the present.

Further, Brendan does not have a child with Miranda yet.

They might have plans to extend their family in the future, but that is not the case right now.

Currently, Miranda is focusing on her music with support from her husband.

Brendan McLoughlin on stage with Miranda
Brendan is supportive of Miranda’s career and seems proud (Source: Instagram)

She shares videos on social media that show Brendan helping her with household chores.

Meanwhile, with his wife’s popularity, Brendan accompanies Miranda to her public events frequently.

Miranda was the first woman to win the Country Music Association Awards in 2015. Since then, she has received 21 Grammy nominations for her singles and albums.

With her husband and fans supporting her, Miranda will achieve more in the music industry.

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