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Bryan Abasolo Wikipedia, Age: Meet Rachel Lindsay Husband

Bryan Abasolo, the husband of Rachel Lindsay, is at the center of public attention, and people are searching for his Wikipedia page to learn more about his personal life. So, who is he? Let’s find out!

Bryan Abasolo was born in Miami, Florida, on February 15, 1980.

He is a well-known American personality celebrated for his tall stature, light beard, and charming personality.

Dr. Bryan Abasolo also has over fourteen years of experience and is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic in California and Florida.

Meanwhile, his popularity extends beyond the screen, showcasing a personable side that resonates with many.

However, there’s not much info about Bryan Abasolo’s life or what he does for a living besides being rich and famous.

As a result, the number of people searching for the Wikipedia page of Bryan Abasolo, husband of Rachel Lindsay, is growing excessively.

Bryan Abasolo Wikipedia: Age And Career

The number of people searching for the Wikipedia page of Bryan Abasolo is growing excessively.

Unfortunately, the Wikipedia page of Bryan Abasolo is still unavailable, which might be sad news for many netizens.

Bryan Abasolo, who is currently 43, had many ups and downs in his early career phase.

Bryan Abasolo on the beach
Bryan Abasolo is 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters). (Source: Instagram)

Firstly, Bryan completed his degrees in chiropractic care from the University of Florida, rounding off in 2003.

After he completed his education as a chiropractor, he achieved success wearing the hats of a chiropractic physician and clinic director.

Moreover, he’s also teamed up with TLC’s Accident & Injury Team, where he offers his chiropractic services.

Meanwhile, his dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle and fitness has even earned him the nickname “Dr. Abs.”

In addition to his healthcare career, Bryan has ventured into the entertainment industry.

His TV journey started with The Bachelorette, where he stole hearts, and then continued with appearances on Access Hollywood.

Bryan Abasolo holding his glasses
Bryan Abasolo has more than 325K Instagram followers. (Source: Instagram)

Subsequently, Bryan Abasolo achieved success in both the healthcare and entertainment industries.

Yet, despite the glitz and glamour, Bryan faced lots of challenges in his personal life.

As his career is in the flow, people are interested in exploring the journey with Bryan Abasolo, prompting searches for a Wikipedia.

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Bryan’s Journey With Rachel Lindsay 

Bryan Abasolo and Rachel Lindsay’s journey began when they met on a TV show called The Bachelorette in 2017.

From the beginning, Rachel felt a strong connection with Bryan and even gave him a special rose.

Their relationship grew during the show, and Bryan proposed to Rachel during the show’s final season.

Later, they got engaged in Spain, had a lovely wedding in Mexico in 2019, and went on a fun honeymoon in Greece.

Bryan Abasolo fully dressed in black.
Bryan Abasolo in a full black dress. (Source: Instagram)

They also welcomed their daughter into the world in October 2022.

But, their life wasn’t always easy. Bryan worked on his chiropractic business in Miami while Rachel was busy with her career in Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, in December 2023, Bryan filed for divorce from Rachel, saying they had “irreconcilable differences.”

It was a sad ending to their more than four years of marriage.

Their story teaches us that even though they found love on TV, keeping a relationship strong is not always simple.

Ultimately, they decided that parting ways was the best choice for them, and they had to navigate the pressures of work, distance, and their aspirations.

Nonetheless, it shows us that relationships need much work and talking; sometimes, things might not work out as planned.

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