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Chamillionaire Net Worth: Career & Lifestyle

A Grammy Award-winning rapper, Chamillionaire’s net worth is $50 million.

Chamillionaire is a Grammy Award winner and the first rapper to be recognized as an “entrepreneur in residence” by Upfront Ventures.

He is also an investor, music producer, and songwriter.

Chamillionaire (Source: People.com)

Cham is well-known for his concern for social issues. His songs convey the strong sentiments of young people.

He has gained outstanding success in his life through his singing profession. However, his fortune drastically changed when he started to invest in varieties of firms.

Chamillionaire | Quick Facts

Let’s explore the personal details of the adorable rapper Chamillionaire.

Full Name Hakeem Temidayo Seriki
Celebrated As Chamillionaire
Date of Birth 28 November 1979
Place of Birth Houston, Texas, USA
Residency California, USA
Age 44 Years Old
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Gender Male
Horoscope Sagittarius
Religion Christian
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Relationship Status Married
Wife Deetra Seriki
Children Xavier
Height 5′ 10″
Weight 80 kg
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Education University of Houston
Profession American Rapper, Entrepreneur, and Investor
 Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Net Worth $50 Million
Last Update May 2024

Chamillionaire | Net Worth and Income

One of the most admired rappers, Chamillionaire’s net worth is believed to be $50 million as May 2024.

He began his career at a young age. He has garnered a considerable fortune with his successful rapping career throughout the years.

Earning From Album Sales

Cham collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry till 2015.

The rapper made music with Lil Wayne, Krayzie Bone, Three Six Mafia, and Ludacris.

His album “Get Ya Mind Straight” sold 150,000 copies. He collaborated with Paul Wal for this album.

Similarly, he released “Mixtape Messiah 2” in 2006, “Mixtape Messiah 3” and “Ultimate Victory” in July 2007, and “Mixtape Messiah 4” in 2008.

His album “Ultimate Victory” was famous for being one of the few rap albums that did not contain any vulgarity.

Since his albums were hits and well received by audiences, we may assume he made a sizable fortune through album sales.

Earning From Investments

The rapper has found peace in his new passion. He shifted his blossoming rapping career into a venture capital.

His investments have played a vital part in boosting his wealth.

Back in 2003, the hit rapper established himself as an entrepreneur by investing in the car company Fly Rydes.

Moreover, Cham saw a lot of potential in the tech business, and many of his major investments reflect that.

Among his notable investments is Uber’s competitor, Lyft, in which he has ventured alongside Big Boi and Trey Songz.

Cham was the first Investor in Residence at Upfront Ventures, and among his early investments were Ring and Lyft.

The Ring was sold for $1 billion dollars. It’s not difficult to tell where his money is coming from these days.

Furthermore, he invested in Maker Studios which was eventually bought by Disney for a whopping $700 million.

Earnings From Own Businesses

Apart from being a venture capitalist, Chamillionaire has also launched some of his own companies.

He founded Chamillitary Entertainment, a record label that was originally distributed by Universal Records. Since 2011, the record label has operated on its own.

Chamillionaire started a modeling agency to assist young people who wanted to get into the industry but didn’t know-how. Actually, it was his way of giving back to those who had something to contribute.

Cham also worked on developing an app that would connect celebrities and their fans.

Chamillionaire Net Worth in Different Currencies

Let’s look at Chamillionaire’s net worth in various currencies and the BitCoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 42,303,750
Pound Sterling £ 36,256,710
Australian Dollar A$ 68,352,250
Canadian Dollar C$ 63,102,750
Indian Rupee ₹ 3,645,907,500
BitCoin ฿ 1,052

Chamillionaire | Houses, and Cars


The rapper is extremely private about his personal life and prefers not to disclose it in public.

He used to reside in the opulent woodland mansion, which he had purchased for $2 million.

The home’s outside featured lush greenery, a lavish and magnificent rectangular-shaped swimming pool, two fire pits made of genuine volcanic lava, and a hot tub.

However, the bank foreclosed on the residence after he failed to make several payments.


Chamillionaire is like any other rapper who knows how to spend money wisely on vintage pieces.

He owns a range of automobiles that have been customized to complement his style and personality.

One of his treasured possessions is a 1967 Plymouth Fury.

Chamillionaire Net Worth- 1967-Plymouth-Fury
1967 Plymouth Fury (Source: classicautomall.com)

Chamillionaire also owns a ‘96 Impala SS, which is considered a symbol of class.

Aside from these, he also owns multiple Ferraris and a Tesla latest model. However, the rapper is not the one who brags about his property.

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Chamillionaire | Lifestyle, and Vacations

As of May 2024 Chamillionaire’s net worth is an enormous $50 million.

The rapper spends a lot of money on his elevated lifestyle and wardrobe.

The artist is quite cautious about disclosing personal information to the media. He prefers to keep his family hidden from the media spotlight.

The adorable rapper was rumored to be in a relationship with Deetra at one point.

Following the rumor, Chamillionaire confirmed the connection and revealed that the pair was in love and had a son too.

Chamillionaire Net Worth- Chamillionaire-Girlfriend
Cham With His Wife (Source: Pinterest)

The family shares unconditional love. He has proved himself as the most wonderful father and husband.

Cham often takes his family on lavish vacations and holidays. He knows that life is all about the balance between family and work.

Additionally, he loves to spend on luxurious gifts and presents for his family and throws entertaining events for them.

Chamillionaire | Charity

The rapper has never shied away from supporting various organizations and projects and making a donation.

He established the “Robin’s Heart Foundation,” a non-profit that raised funds for Hurricane Harvey relief activities.

He gave a $25,000 personal donation for the relief efforts. Moreover, he promoted the campaign through his various channels, which helped raise more than an additional $50,000 for the campaign.

Moreover, Cham collaborated with Mattress Mack and Gallery Furniture to provide practical supplies to the people in need.

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Chamillionaire | Music, Investments, & Endorsement


Cham began rapping with his friend Paul Wall, and the two met DJ Michael “5000” Watts, a prominent Houston mixtape DJ.

Watts owned the firm Swishahouse, and he asked the duo to rap on his radio show on Houston’s KBXX-FM.

Their rap became so successful that they quickly made a tape of their songs and were hired as permanent members of Swishahouse.

They released an album titled “Get Ya Mind Correct” in 2002, which sold 150,000 copies.

In 2004, they also performed at the SXSW music festival.

Eventually, Cham released his debut solo album, “The Sound of Revenge,” in 2005.

The album debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard 200 album list.

The track “Ridin” did, however, hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Its video was nominated for “Best Rap Video” at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards.

Cham received a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance for the same song the following year.

His album “Venom” was scheduled to be released in 2009. However, it was eventually canceled due to his departure from Universal Records.


As of May 2024, rapper, Chamillionaire’s net worth is a massive $50 million.

Aside from music, Cham has dabbled in a number of business ventures. He has prioritized his commercial interests over his musical career.

After parting from Universal Records in 2011, he formed his own record company, “Chamillitary Entertainment.

Additionally, some of his other enterprises include “Masterpiece Mind Frame,” a model management organization that assists persons who wish to break into the modeling profession.

Another fantastic investment by Chamillionaire is the Tour Bus Company. The company includes several tour buses that he rents out to bands and other organizations on the road.

He once revealed that women entrepreneurs have a high passion and hunger for improvements.

Therefore, according to him, investing in companies with such hungry and hardworking founders is the key to success in the investment world.


His lucrative sponsorship deals have also enabled the rapper to amass a massive fortune.

The rapper has appeared on the covers of various magazines and in television commercials.

Similarly, he has promoted various fashion businesses and men’s grooming items.

Chamillionaire | Career

Cham grew up in a strict, traditional household.

His parents taught him decent values, and as a teenager, he worked several jobs to support his family.

However, Cham burst onto the Houston rap scene in the early 2000s and has achieved long-term success as an entrepreneur and tech investor in Los Angeles.

He’d release a couple more EPs and mixtapes, but he’d slip from public view as his musical success faded.

Cham was on the verge of retiring from the rap scene by the time he was 30.

Later, he joined the Los Angeles-based venture capital company Upfront Ventures in early 2015.

The rapper garnered more fame and success in his business ventures.

Cham is a great example of a person with a humble beginning to become the person he is today.

Chamillionaire’s net worth as of Chamillionaire is $50 million.

Interesting Facts About Chamillionaire

  • Even though Cham is a native of Texas, he has always been a huge fan of the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • Chamillionaire’s son’s name Xavier means “new house.”
  • When his mother was fighting cancer, she didn’t want her son to stress about her medical costs. But the rapper gave up his multimillion-dollar estate to help his mother.


What is the price of Chamillionaire’s chain?

The Chameleon Chain of Chamillionaire is valued at $100,000. It sparkles with diamonds of equal worth, two rows of solitaire diamonds, and a diamond stud chain.

What happened between Jordan and Chamillionaire?

Cham met NBA legend Michael Jordan at a party in 2009. This came after he bid almost $7,000 on one of his jerseys at a Reggie Bush charity auction.

When Cham noticed Jordan posing for photos with some of the females at the party, he attempted to take Jordan’s picture with him.

Nonetheless, Jordan declined and even cursed at him.

What is the meaning of  Chamillionaire?

Well, it is a combination of two words, “chameleon” and “millionaire.”

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