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Is Cooksux Banned? Twitch Streamer Discussion On Twitter

News is circulating over the internet that the Twitch account of renowned Twitch broadcaster Cooksux has been banned. So, find out more in this article about the reason behind it.

Andy, known as Cooksux is a popular digital creator known for his entertaining content on YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and Twitter.

Despite being an open book for his audience, there are no details regarding his age and family.

Besides Cooksux has gained huge popularity by sharing his daily life content through vlogging.

In his videos of traveling and interactions, he shares a unique viewpoint on every aspect.

Further, he controls different online channels including Twitch, and provides excellent content that involves his viewers.

However, there is news that Twitch has banned Cooksux, leaving his viewers confused and disheartened.

Has Twitch Banned Streamer Cooksux?

Cooksux is a renowned name in the streaming and gaming community with 51.6k subscribers on YouTube.

Similarly, he only has 15.7k followers on Instagram and 9.9k followers on Twitter.

Despite having a limited number of followers, the news of his ban is spreading over social media like wildfire.

According to the most recent reports, Twitch has not banned Cooksux.

Two notable events involving Cooksux have recently happened, leading netizens to think he was banned.

Cooksux has not been banned in Twitch.
Cooksux loves traveling and exploring places. (Source: Instagram)

First, while in live video, he challenged a group of litter offenders and received insults and threats in response.

On the other hand, a stranger accused the streamer of taking illegal photos, leading to a heated conversation between them.

During the argument, the stranger showed a knife, and Cooksux quickly moved away, taken aback.

While both of these events are notable, they do not explicitly support Cooksux’s ban.

Besides, he may have faced difficulty as the Twitch community does not support any offensive activities.

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Twitter Update About Twitch Streamer Cooksux

Even though there is no such proof, @StreamerBans on Twitter has posted that Cooksux, Twitch partner has been banned.

This post leaves a very unclear message as to whether Twitch or Twitter has banned him.

However, with this unclear message, netizens assume Twitch banned the streamer.

Cooksux posing with glasses on.
Cooksux has been on Instagram since 2012. (Source: Instagram)

Further, the Twitch community is buzzing with curiosity and speculation about the sudden suspension of the streamer.

Besides, his audiences expect the official announcement from the streamer himself on his social media handles.

However, with the news coming up on January 1, 2024, Cooksux has not reacted to the news yet.

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Cooksux’s Controversy: Almost Hit By A Kid While Streaming

A group of kids harasses IRL streamer Cooksux, and a clip of the incident goes viral on social media.

Cooksux is quite popular for his live streaming while he travels as he captures almost all the moments of his traveling experiences.

While he was in the UK, in a car park, a group of teenagers approached him and started taunting him.

After a bit of taunting, one of them put on the mask and took a swing at Cooksux’s head.

Cooksux's selfie.
Cooksux has a great sense of humor. (Source: Instagram)

The kid with the mask approached the streamer for the High-five in a High-pitched tone, but Cooksux refused.

When the streamer refused the High-five, the boy attempted to hit him; however, Cooksux made self-defense with arms.

Coming to the video, gained over 60K+ views on Twitch and spread over the internet.

Further, the kids were trying to create a nuisance by doing this to the streamer.

Besides, the kids were following him to the store before this incident.

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