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Corinne Olympios Wikipedia, Age: The Bachelor Season 21 Cast

The iconic reality TV star from The Bachelor Season 21, Corinne Olympios, continues to amaze fans with her endeavors, and many show interest in learning more about her through the Wikipedia page.

Corinne Olympios is an American television personality, professional model, actress, and businesswoman.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Olympios had a knack for entertainment from a young age.

Further, she has appeared in several reality shows, including Bachelors 21, which was a career highlight.

Olympios’s charm on the show was unmatched as the viewers praised her.

Thus, due to her talent on screen, people are curious to learn more about Corinne Olympios through Wikipedia.

Corinne Olympios Wikipedia, Age: Meet The Bachelor Season 21 Cast

The gorgeous actress Corinne Olympios is a prominent name in the entertainment and fashion world.

However, despite her achievements, Corinne Olympios has yet to have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

Olympios was born into a multi-millionaire family as her father, James, and mother, Peri, ran the company named Armor Garage.

Corinne Olympios cookie
Olympios has been the face of several controversies. (Source: Instagram)

Further, she spent her childhood days along with her younger sister, Taylor Olympios.

Meanwhile, the 31-year-old personality attended North Miami Beach High School to complete her education.

Later, Olympios joined Florida International University and graduated with an esteemed degree.

After completing her education, she auditioned for gigs in Hollywood as she was interested in pursuing a career there.

Thanks to her dedication, Olympios made her TV debut as a contestant in season 21 of The Bachelor, where the show named her the villain in a few episodes.

However, the actress’s actions and words sparked controversy on and off the show.

Audiences accused her of being a bully and hogging Nick Viall’s attention in the reality show.

Corinne Olympios black dress
Olympios comes from a wealthy family. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the model claimed she had no regrets for her actions as they gained popularity.

Nevertheless, despite her early elimination, Olympios made an impact with her appearance in House of Villains.

Currently, she is the creative director of Riot Society, which serves fashionable women’s products.

The reality star has also launched her brand, AuraSugarCo, where she handles jewelry design.

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Corinne Olympios’s Dating History: A Closer Look At Her Personal Life

The Wikipedia of Corinne Olympios delves into the actress’s personal life, including her dating history.

Over the years, Olympios has sparked rumors with several co-stars and contestants from her reality show.

Previously, the actress revealed that she had been engaged for about three months.

Corinne Olympios leaning on a door
Olympios has launched a jewelry brand. (Source: Instagram)

However, Olympios didn’t reveal her former fiancé’s name, but she did share a few details about him.

She said her partner was a religious person who made the model remove two tattoos that she had.

Yet, after a disagreement in the relationship, they called off the engagement.

Likewise, Olympios dated Vincent Fratantoni and lived with him for more than two years before going their separate ways.

The actress hoped Fratantoni was the one, but their dreams were short-lived as the pair were incompatible.

Moving on, Olympios developed romantic relationships with influencers and media personalities like Jerry Morris and Jon Yunger.

Corinne with co-star
Olympios often flirts with her co-stars. (Source: Instagram)

But none of these connections worked as they failed to fulfill Olympios’s intimate fantasies.

To add to her Wikipedia, Corinne Olympios stayed single for a while and focused on her career.

However, the reality star recently fueled rumors about her connection to House of Villains star Johnny Bananas.

Their steamy hot tube scene made many curious whether they were dating.

Despite the visible chemistry, Olympios and Bananas refused to delve into their relationship status.

Nonetheless, fans are hopeful to see sparks ignite between the co-stars soon.

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