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Darla Jackson Video: Woman Sentenced for Road Rage Released!

Lately, 26-year-old woman Darla Jackson is facing internet scrutiny for her viral video of her reaction to her sentencing for road rage. Has she been released now?

Darla Jackson is the woman responsible for the death of a young US sailor, Zachary Buob.

She was driving her Nissan Altima on Interstate 5 near San Diego when she got into a road rage fight with Zachary.

According to her, Zachary, who was riding his red motorcycle, was driving it recklessly.

She says he was making various Hand gestures at her and started kicking the side of her car.

This led to road rage as she began chasing him down, and they got into an accident, resulting in the death of Zachary Buob.

Later, in the court, when the judge verdicted the case, she uncontrollably started crying, and that video of Darla Jackson is getting an audience from people now.

Viral Road Rage Video: Darla Jackson Apologizes As High-Speed Chase Claims a Life

In the viral road rage video of Darla Jackson and Zachary Buob, we can see a high-speed chase between them.

Suddenly, Zachary, who was on the motorcycle, begins to slow down his vehicle.

Darla Jackson in court
Darla Jackson looked very sad and regretful in her trial video in court. (Source: Twitter)

Sadly, Darla Jackson does not realize it quickly enough and hits Zachary’s motorcycle.

The front part of her car rolls up into the back of his motorcycle wheel. According to the police officers, the car and the motorcycle slid 315 feet.

While Darla Jackson was still inside her car, Zachary badly hit the ground. Zachary Buob was quickly taken to the hospital, but he did not survive.

After his death, Darla Jackson made a few statements saying that it was not her intention to hit him.

Darla mentions being angry and her pride getting the best of her. She also apologized and accepted that she should not have been speeding.

Victim of san diego road rage
Zachary was just 39 years of age at the time of the accident. (Source: Twitter)

However, her apology did not help her get away from law enforcement. She was taken by the police from the incident and received various charges.

After a thorough investigation, the court found her guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced her to six years in prison.

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Darla Jackson Sentenced To Six Years For First-Degree Murder In Road Rage Case

Initially, she was to receive three to 11 years in jail, but the judge decided to give her a midterm.

This case was highly viral not only because of its strangeness but also because it was all captured in a video.

Very few people would have known about the road rage between Darla Jackson and Zachary Buob if there hadn’t been a video of it.

Darla Jackson sobbing
Darla Jackson’s court video makes many wonder if the judge should have been more lenient. (source: Twitter)

Netizens believe that the verdict result would have been different if it had not been captured on video.

After her guilty verdict, she again went viral on the Internet for her reaction.

The reaction of Darla Jackson to the judge telling her about her fate also got out to the public.

She was sobbing and apologizing for what she did in a highly regretful manner.

Despite her regret, her verdict is unchangeable, as her actions have led to the death of a young US sailor.

She is to serve her 6-year sentence in jail before the court releases her.

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