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Who Is David Smalley Daughter, Talissa? Leaked Video Scandal

David Smalley is very close with his daughter Talissa, and people love listening to their cute banters online. But, currently, they are trending for a rumor surrounding Talissa’s alleged leaked video. Let’s explore.

David Smalley is a famous American comedian, actor, and writer with a massive fanbase on his TikTok account of more than 1.4 million followers.

He mainly shares the clips from his standup performances on his TikTok account.

Another reason his TikTok is very famous is because he collaborates with his daughter, Talissa Smalley.

He and his daughter are known for being the father-daughter comedic duo.

Talissa is also a frequent guest on David’s Daughter Issues Podcast.

However, David Smalley and his daughter Talissa are currently trending because of an alleged leaked video scandal.

David Smalley’s Daughter, Talissa Smalley: Rumors About Leaked Video

Rumors surfaced after Talissa Smalley posted on her Instagram suggesting she might start an OnlyFans account.

It came off as if she was teasing her fans, and it may or may not have been a joke.

Many of her followers on her Instagram were begging her to share her Onlyfans link if she had one.

Meanwhile, in a recent post on her Instagram, she wrote a caption saying,

Maybe I made an OF and maybe I didn’t. Why don’t you click my link in the bio and find out.

Talissa Smalley wiki
Talissa Smalley and David often discuss the various trending topics on their podcast. (Source: Twitter)

However, only two links are on her Instagram bio, and neither leads to her OnlyFans.

One of the links leads to a GOFundMe account to help save a puppy named Russell.

It appears that she was trying to make people click on the GoFundMe link and did not intend to open an OnlyFans account.

This has led to a big confusion online; somehow, a rumor about her OnlyFans video being leaked has ignited online.

Many followers of David Smalley are also writing in his comment sections about the alleged leak of his daughter.

Talissa Smalley insta selfie
Talissa Smalley is active on her Instagram and TikTok, as she likes connecting with her fans there. (Source: Instagram)

However, neither David nor his daughter Talissa Smalley has made any statements on the rumors.

There is also no viable information or video on any platform to prove these rumors are true.

It appears that this is just another internet hoax with no proof.

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Talissa Smalley: Balancing Privacy And Public Persona Amidst The Spotlight

It is important to note that David Smalley’s daughter, Talissa Smalley, is still very young. She is just 19 years old.

Spreading these kinds of rumors about a young adult like her may negatively impact her mental health.

This may even lead to problems in her career in the future.

David Smalley has always shown huge support in helping his daughter Talissa navigate her internet career.

David Smalley Daughter
David and Talissa are more like friends, but she also appears to have known her boundaries with him. (Source: Instagram)

She has a very captivating personality online and is very smart with her words in the podcast with her father.

However, there is no information available online about what she is up to at the moment.

She seems to enjoy a very private life with her family in her hometown.

Meanwhile, the rumor about her leaked video has increased the number of profile visitors on her Instagram and TikTok.

Since the rumor came out, she has gained followers on her TikTok and Instagram accounts.

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