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What Is Wrong With Davina Mccall Face: Plastic Surgery Before And After

People are wondering how Davina’s face has changed after she decided to get botox.

Davina has had a successful career as a presenter. She landed her first job on MTV in 1992, and since then, she has accomplished a lot.

The gorgeous presenter and fitness expert proved she doesn’t age despite her hard work on Big Brother from 2000 to 2010, talent show Got to Dance, The Biggest Looser, and most recently, “The Masked Singer.”

Over the years, she has hosted countless high-profile programs, including all eight seasons of Big Brother, five celebrity editions of the program, the BAFTAs, and BBC charity events. She has served as a judge for The Masked Singer on ITV since 2020 and for The Masked Dancer, the show’s spinoff, since 2021.

What Is Wrong With Davina Mccall Face?

Nothing is wrong with Davina McCall’s face. 

Presenter Davina McCall almost exactly looks like she did when she first started her career. (Source: itv.com)

After all her accomplishments throughout her exciting career, Davina still looks young and stunning in her 50s. The famous face, who became famous as a singer when she was 19 years old, reportedly underwent Botox treatment at a Mayfair clinic in the past.

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As she has grown to be a favorite on the nation’s television, we examine her changing appearance over the years and her beauty secrets. The presenter resembles herself today almost exactly as she did when she first began her career.

Davina Mccall Plastic Surgery Before And After

According to reports, Davina Mccall underwent Botox after divorcing her husband. She acknowledged that if she underwent cosmetic surgery, her 17-year-old husband, Matthew Roberts, would be “absolutely horrified.”

After divorcing her husband, who would be ‘horrified’ if she ever got cosmetic surgery, Davina McCall “treats herself to Botox.” (Source: irishmirror.ie)

The television host Davina McCall is renowned for her ageless beauty and regularly astounds social media users with her unforced appearance. She has admitted that she hasn’t ruled out cosmetic surgery to look young for seven years before she turns 60.

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Davina recently acknowledged that she might take a vacation and return with a new look. Judge for The Masked Singer suggested a potential “holiday” that would alter her life.

Davina Mccall Health Update: What Happened To Her?

Fans have advised Davina McCall to “take it easy” after she gave a health update.

When the presenter posted a picture of a swollen foot to her Instagram stories, it raised concerns from her followers. Currently, Davina is using social media to describe how the accident happened while walking the dog.

Fans were concerned for Davina McCall’s health after she revealed about her foot injury through her Instagram story. (Source: mylondon.news)

While recovering from surgery, she posted a video from her bed assuring followers that despite the painful injury, she did not need surgery. Davina explained that she must have twisted her foot while taking her dog for a walk and that she should probably explain a little about her foot. In the comments, fans and followers expressed their concern and wishes for Davina’s recovery in droves.

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Videos of Davina McCall discussing exercise and diet, particularly for women going through menopause and perimenopause, can be found all over her Instagram. For those looking to lose weight, the TV stalwart has published recipe books and fitness videos in the past.


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