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Has Deborah Roberts Undergone Weight Loss? The Secret Behind Her Healthy Routine

The journalist Deborah Roberts is in the news after undergoing a weight loss journey to maintain her health. Continue reading to know her routine.

Deborah Roberts is a famous black woman in the field of journalism. Deborah primarily featured as an anchor, reporter, and talk show host.

She is now aged 62 and continues to thrive in the media business. Currently, she is associated with the ABC television network.

Owing to her dream of becoming a newscaster, she attended the University of Georgia. Subsequently, she graduated in 1982 with a B.A. in journalism.

While her father, Ben Roberts, had a carpet installation business, Deborah had her eyes set on journalism.

Especially given the time back in the 80s, for Deborah to work as a black woman in journalism was quite a rare sight.

However, she persevered and is now one of the most reputed TV hosts. But people have now begun circulating the news about Deborah Roberts health and weight loss.

Has Deborah Roberts Undergone Weight Loss?

Despite her age, Deborah Roberts still works out regularly and posts pictures of her at the gym.

She has also pushed her husband, AL Roker, towards physical fitness. Now, both of them are quite vocal about the same.

AL weighed over 340 in the early days but is now around half the previous weight. However, unlike AL, Deborah Roberts has not undergone a drastic weight loss process.

Deborah Roberts has focused more on maintaining her weight than on weight loss.

And in recent years, this has been focused primarily because of her husband.

Deborah with Al after Deborah Roberts weight loss.
Deborah and AL Roker attend opening night for Shakron Broadway. (Source: Instagram)

AL has suffered multiple health issues owing to his weight. So, Deborah has constantly pushed him to focus more on his health.

Especially since early 2023, Deborah has been sharing her workout routine with her fans through her Instagram.

Due to her husband’s health struggles, Deborah has tried to shift her focus towards fitness.

Deborah Roberts’ workout routine includes cardio, push-ups, cowbell technique and several other exercises.

She has even posted videos where she is bench pressing a 20-pound weight in each hand.

Although not drastic, Deborah Roberts certainly has had some considerable weight loss.

Specifically, she seems drastically fitter looking at her pictures from some decades ago to now. She even has an abs workout involved in her workout routine.

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The Secret Behind Deborah’s Healthy Routine

As per her husband AL, Deborah was always into physical exercise. He states that even during the early marriage days, Deborah used to work out and run.

In contrast, AL used to stay at home preparing breakfast for kids. With this, the situation only worsened for AL.

Eventually, he had to perform a Gastric Bypass to initiate a drastic weight loss. This led him to lose over 100 pounds.

This regular struggle with her husband has kept Deborah Roberts focused on her weight loss and fitness.

Due to this, she also seems to have a rather strict diet.

Deborah Roberts
Deborah, for the shoot of Winniewow. (Source: Instagram)

Even in her Instagram post back in April 2023, she stated she had to go the extra mile to work out to eat some fast food.

This shows that she follows a very strict diet. She seems only to let go of her diet while on the road away from home.

Recently, in November 2022, AL Roker was hospitalized due to blood clots. After that, the couple has been taking care of their health.

As per AL, they are taking low-carb diets and daily walks. This shows that Deborah Roberts backs AL in these diets.

This strict diet helps AL and even Deborah Roberts in their combined journey of weight loss and physical health.

Also, since Deborah shares stories regarding her workout routine, she has successfully amassed over 249k followers on Instagram.

Deborah is a fitness enthusiast and continues to encourage her fans and admirers. Likewise, her fans and AL Roker’s fans support her vocally in these posts, which keeps her motivated, too.

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