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Derek Hough Parents: Father Bruce Robert Hough And Mother Marriann Hough

Some families have all the talent and success in the world of arts, and one such family is that of Derek Hough and his parents, where it’s clear that the apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree.

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Derek Hough is an American professional Latin and ballroom dancer.

He was born on May 17, 1985, and is also a choreographer, actor, and singer.

Further, Hough is most well-known for contributing to the ABC dance competition series Dancing with the Stars.

He performed professionally on the show from 2007 to 2016, winning the competition with his famous partners six times.

Hough garnered eleven nominations and three victories for Outstanding Choreography in the Primetime Emmy Awards.

Moreover, Hough later joined the show as a judge, starting with the 29th season. However, fans want to take a closer look at the personal life of Derek Hough parents.

Who Are Derek Hough Parents?

The parents of Derek Hough have been a topic of conversation for many. His father, Bruce Robert Hough, is a guy of many hats and skills.

Further, he is a reputable journalist renowned for his astute reporting and unshakable dedication to learning the truth.

Bruce Hough, Derek Hough's parents taking a selfie while camping.
Derek Hough can hold his breath underwater for three and a half minutes. (Source: Instagram)

But that’s not all. Bruce is also deeply involved in the world of politics. Further, Bruce was twice the chairman of the Utah Republican Party.

He qualified for the Republican primary ballot in the special election for Utah’s 2nd Congressional District.

For the ballot, he provided more than 7,000 signatures. Former Utah GOP chairman Bruce Hough is currently a member of the Republican National Committee’s national committee.

On the other side of this gifted family is Hough’s mother, Marriann Hough. She is a triple threat in the entertainment industry as a dancer, actor, and singer.

She introduced Derek to the performing arts and took him to dance lessons.

Derek Hough taking a picture with his mother Marriann.
Derek Hough’s mother lived in Vegas for twenty years, and he would go there as a kid. (Source: Facebook)

The drive for excellence seems to run through Derek Hough’s family, with a father who firmly commits to the truth, charity, and business.

Hough grew up in a setting that valued hard work and perseverance and had a mother who excelled in the performing arts.

Sadly, Bruce and Marriann parted their ways in 1998. In addition, Marriann remarried financial consultant Aaron Nelson, who had four children from a previous marriage.

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Father Bruce Robert Hough And Mother Marriann Hough: Wikipedia

Despite not having a dedicated Wikipedia page, Bruce Robert and Marriann have played a pivotal role in the life of Derek Hough.

Hough has amassed attention and following with his skills, which his parents instilled.

The influence of parents in the life of Derek Hough is apparent in his nature, ethics, and attainment.

Further, his parents have been the guiding light in his life, serving as the foundation of his success.

However, it might dishearten the fans to know that there is a lack of a Wikipedia page for the parents of Derek Hough.

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What Is Robert And Marriann’s Net Worth?

Derek Hough’s parents have kept their net worth a secret despite their influence in various fields.

Some argue that keeping their wealth hidden is a personal choice.

Bruce Hough taking a picture with his daughters at camp.
Derek Hough has free-dived up to 60 feet with humpback whales and spotted dolphins. (Source: Instagram)

Further, others argue that it can contribute to a lack of accountability among the wealthy.

The secrecy also fuels curiosity about their sources of income and financial strategies.

In an age where information is more accessible, Derek Hough’s parents kept their net worth a well-guarded secret.

This topic continues to captivate public and media discussions about wealth, privacy, and the responsibilities associated with affluence.

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