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Did Jules And Saud Break Up, Or Is It Just A Publicity Stunt?

The renowned comedy and lifestyle content creators Jules and Saud have kept fans guessing about their relationship status. Rumors abound, leaving fans curious: Did Jules and Saud break up?

Saud, who goes by the A1saud, is an American social media personality known for his Instagram handle.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, his age is about 26 as per his date of birth on January 15, 1997. Meanwhile, Saud is transgender.

Getting to the world of the internet, he first created his YouTube Channel on May 26, 2014.

Saud started up via lip sync videos on Musically, which caught the attention of the users.

Later, with all of his efforts and content, he gained millions of viewers and subscribers. 

As for his girlfriend, Jules, her full name is Julia Raleigh. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and is the same age as her boyfriend.

The famous couple has been together year after year. 

However, numerous fans of the couple are curious to know if Jules and Saud break up or if it was just a publicity stunt.

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Did Jules And Saud Break Up, Or Was It A Publicity Stunt?

The dynamic YouTube duo, Jules and Saud, has long been revered for their captivating and innovative content.

Their journey began in 2016 when Jules joined Saud Life, and they quickly garnered a devoted following.

However, to our surprise, the couple announced their separation on October 23, 2023, in a YouTube video.

The announcement of the famous social media couple Jules & Saud separation in 2023.
The famous social media couple Jules & Saud announced their separation in 2023.

The couple now claims they’ve parted ways to improve their lives and better relationship issues.

Meanwhile, they’ve pledged to remain friends and support each other in the future.

This latest announcement has once again attracted substantial views and attention.

This time around, it’s been over four days since Jules last made an appearance on YouTube and Instagram, raising concerns.

Yet, the lingering question remains: did Jules and Saud truly break up, or is this another twist in their unpredictable online journey? Only time will tell.

However, fans question the breakup news as this wasn’t their first split reveal.

The publicity stunt or prank of the couple Jules & Saud in 2022.
The publicity stunt or prank of the couple Jules & Saud in 2022 as The End of Jules & Saud.

In 2022, they posted a video on their channel titled “The End of Jules & Saud,” which turned out to be a publicity stunt.

Moreover, they’ve previously used social media to announce breakups.

So, this unexpected turn in the couple’s life has shocked many viewers, which makes them think about the journey the pair Jules and Saud spend together.

A Sneak About The Journey Of Jules And Saud Spend Together

On October 22, 2023, the internet was abuzz with the break-up news of Jules and Saud.

This power couple, who had once been the epitome of relationship goals, had decided to part ways.

Saud, now venturing into the world of solo vlogging, released a video on YouTube titled “A Week in My Life Being Single.”

It’s a glimpse into his new life post-breakup, and his audience was eager to see how he was coping.

However, when it comes to his Instagram presence, Saud has remained surprisingly silent since the separation.

With over 206k followers, his once-vibrant feed has gone dormant.

Before the break-up, Jules and Saud were inseparable both in their personal lives and their careers.

The couple who has been together for seven years Jules and Saud.
The couple who have been together for seven years. (Source: Instagram)

They initially gained fame on Musically, now known as TikTok.

In 2016, they launched their joint YouTube channel, “Jules & Saud,” where they shared their daily lives, pranks, and various challenge videos.

Their charm and chemistry quickly won them a loyal following, with over 2.71 million subscribers.

However, the sudden breakup in 2023 left many of their fans in shock.

Some wondered if it was a mere publicity stunt, as the couple had never hesitated to share their lives with the world.

But for now, the question remains: did Jules and Saud’s relationship truly come to an end, or is there more to the story yet to be revealed?

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