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Dragged Woman Video In NYC Street Robbery: Is She Dead?

A disturbing robbery video in NYC Street went viral, which captured the shocking incident where robbers brutally dragged a 62-year-old woman, making people curious about her health condition. Is she safe now? Let’s find out!

In New York City, there’s been recent news about a group using mopeds for robbery.

On Sunday night, a video of a dragged woman in a NYC street went viral on the internet.

Robbers hurt a 62-year-old woman during a moped robbery outside a store in Brooklyn.

Moreover, reports suggest that the woman lost her bag, keys, phone, credit cards, and glasses, and suffered injuries.

Additionally, the New York Police Department (NYPD) is investigating 62 similar theft cases happening around the city.

Many people question the security situation in New York after witnessing the video of the dragged woman incident.

The recent viral video of a dragged woman has sparked curiosity among netizens about her health condition.

Dragged Woman Video In NYC Street Robbery: Is She Dead? Update

This article provides detailed information about the health condition of the dragged woman from the viral robbery video.

After the shocking moped robbery in New York City, many wonder about the 62-year-old woman brutally dragged in the viral video.

Moreover, the incident has sparked concern as she was left with injuries and without her belongings.

As of now, her health status remains undisclosed, creating uncertainty about her recovery or potential complications.

The lack of information heightens public anxiety, with many people hopeful for the well-being and recovery of the victim.

However, information regarding her health is not available yet, likely due to privacy laws and the respect for the victim’s personal information.

We can feel relief as there is no news of death about the dragged woman even after the terrible scene in the video.

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Suspect Of NYC Street Robbery Case: Pursuit Of Justice

Police state that a crime ring was involved in the moped robbery spree in New York City.

Cleyber Andrade, 19, and Juan Uzcatgui, 23, were arrested and are believed to be part of a larger criminal ring.

Moreover, the alleged ringleader of the moped robbery crew, Victor Parra, is still running from police.

Furthermore, the police went to his apartment to arrest him, but he wasn’t there when they arrived.

Additionally, police believe the suspects to be Venezuelan migrants.

In addition to Andrade and Uzcatgui, names of six additional people associated with the ring have emerged.

They are Yan Jimenez, Maria Manaura, Anthony Ramos from Manhattan, Richard Saled, Beike Jimenez from the Bronx, and Samuel Castro from Queens.

Police arrested the suspect from dragged women video in NYC street robbery.
The robbers originate from Venezuela. (Source: DailyMail)

Moreover, all of these people have a history of grand larceny arrests for conspiracy-related crimes.

Police said it all begins with thieves on scooters stealing people’s devices and then hacking into them to gain access to banking apps.

According to NYPD Assistant Commissioner Kaz Daughtry, the majority of migrants come to NYC in search of a better life and success.

However, some choose the right path to succeed whereas some may get in the wrong direction, as it takes lots of pertains and hard work to live a clean life.

Similarly, after struggling to live a decent life, some choose illegal work such as robbery, murder, kidnapping, and many more.

Recently, the number of robbers has significantly increased in NYC streets, and many have already become the victims of these cases.

However, police are working hard to maintain the peace in the city while forcing for the citizen’s safety.

Robbers could potentially face various charges, ranging from Robbery in the Third Degree to Class B felony.

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