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Is Erick Adame Husband Drew A. Stewart? Relationship Timeline

The American journalist Erick Adame became entangled in a scandal that shook the foundations of his career and personal life. So, fans are curious to know about his relationship timeline, considering who is the husband of Erick Adame.

Erick Adame is an American journalist, television personality, and meteorologist.

He is a former Emmy-nominated weatherman for Spectrum News NY1 who gained notoriety after explicit content about him surfaced online in 2021.

Additionally, he is popular among his followers as an openly gay personality.

Moreover, the scandal has diverted people’s minds toward the romantic life of Erick Adame, including his husband.

So, let’s delve into his personal life through this article.

Who is Erick Adame? Wikipedia And Early Life

Erick Adame, born on October 27, 1986, has carved a notable path in journalism.

Likewise, he has established himself as a prominent American television personality and meteorologist. 

Erick Adame, the journalist
Before raising 15 years of experience in broadcast journalism, Erick spent his days in school and university. (Source: Instagram)

Talking about his early life, Erick spent his early years on the streets of New York, navigating the challenges of growing up in a Spanish-speaking household.

Despite the language barrier, he excelled in his studies, completing his education in his hometown.

In 2006, he received a Certificate of Study from the New School of Radio and Television, marking the beginning of his journey in broadcast journalism.

He further pursued his passion by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in meteorology from SUNY Oneonta College in 2005.

Meanwhile, as an openly gay personality, he has been embraced by his followers for his authenticity.

However, on September 20, 2022, Erick shared disheartening news on his Instagram account.

Erick and Drew spending time together
Erick grew up in a Spanish family, so he struggled with reading and writing in English. (Source: Instagram)

He revealed that he had been terminated as a Meteorologist at NY1.

Moreover, the reason provided in his detailed post has ignited a national debate.

Erick explained that his dismissal stemmed from inappropriate pictures sent to his boss, a revelation that has stirred controversy.

Reports also suggest that these pictures are now circulating on the internet.

He also openly revealed that he filed a lawsuit against the person who leaked his private pictures to his boss without his permission. 

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Is Erick Adame Husband Drew A. Stewart? Relationship Updates!

Erick Adame is not only famous for his professional achievements but also for his openness about his personal life.

In 2019, he publicly revealed his relationship status and announced his romantic involvement with Tommy (@the real tld) on social media.

Erick with his ex Tommy
In February 2019, Erick wished Tommy a Happy Valentine’s Day through a Facebook post. (Source: Facebook )

Moreover, on 14 February he wished Tommy a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Not only that, he thanked Tommy for supporting him, making him laugh, and being a part of his love life. 

However, after 2019, Erick has not posted pictures with Tommy. So, it seems like the couple ended their relationship long ago.

Meanwhile, Erick Adame has been linked with Drew Stewart recently, as fans suspect his husband is Drew.

Likewise, Erick frequently shares pictures of spending time with Drew through his Instagram.

On the other hand, Drew has a private Instagram account, but we can see his bio where he mentioned Erick’s profile with two boys’ emoji.

Erick Adame Husband
Erick frequently posts pictures with Drew A. Stewart. (Source: Instagram)

This has led to his admirers speculating that the two are in a relationship.

However, it is not confirmed yet that Drew A. Stewart is the husband of Erick Adame.

So, netizens should wait for confirmation on who might be the husband of Erick Adame.

Further, with the recent controversies, it is considerable why Erick doesn’t want to publicize his romantic life.

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