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Faith Abubey Husband Jeremiah Chika: Bio And Age Details

ABC news correspondent Faith Abubey seems to be living her best life with her husband, Jeremiah Chika. She does not shy away from showing off her love for him, so let’s learn more about him.

Faith Abubey is a famous journalist who works as a news correspondent for the ABC News network.

Her captivating way of presenting news information to her audience has given her a huge worldwide fan base.

From working as a production assistant in a local news channel in New York to becoming the multiplatform reporter for a world-famous company, Faith has come a long way.

Meanwhile, not only her professional life but her personal life is also full of accomplishments.

Currently, Faith Abubey is leading a happy life with a wonderful family, including her husband, Jeremiah Chika.

Faith Abubey And Her Husband Jeremiah Chika’s Love Story: From Simple Proposal To Lavish Wedding

Unlike Faith Abubey, her husband, Jeremiah Chika, is very private.

He does not believe in having public social media accounts and loves to live a low-key life out of the limelight.

However, despite not having his social media, many people know him through his wife.

Faith Abubey and her husband Jeremiah Chikahave been together for years.

Faith Abubey with Husband Jeremiah Chika
Faith Abubey and her husband, Jeremiah Chika, look beautiful and perfect together. (Source: Twitter)

Before getting married to each other, they used to live together in a shared home.

Living together made them come even closer, and their relationship grew fonder.

Finally, on October 17, 2021, Jeremiah Chika proposed marriage to Faith Abubey.

The proposal was very cozy, and Jeremiah Chika thoughtfully included their parents in the beautiful moment.

She shared a picture of her proposal on her Twitter account, writing the caption,

I said yes.

The couple did not take much time before getting married.

Faith Abubey proposed by Jeremiah Chika
Faith Abubey and Jeremiah value their family very much. (Source: Twitter)

They finally made it official after letting the family and friends know about the wedding and preparing it for a year.

They picked July 16, 2022, as their special day.

The wedding was beautiful and extravagant, with an expensive venue and decorations.

Faith and Jeremiah had a white theme for their big day with lots of bling and shimmer.

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Faith Abubey Husband Jeremiah Chika’s Journey, From Weddings To Anniversary Bliss: Bio And Age

Faith Abubey and Jeremiah had two weddings to pay respects to both the Christian and African cultures.

Both Faith Abubey and her husband wore white for their Christian wedding.

Meanwhile, they got dressed in their cultural African wedding dress for their African wedding.

The couple recently celebrated one year of their wedding anniversary.

Faith Abubey writes a caption on her first-anniversary post saying, “forever to go.”

Faith Abubey Husband
Faith Abubey and Jeremiah were very young when they first met each other. (Source: Instagram)

Her pictures and Instagram posts suggest that she values her relationship with her husband, Jeremiah Chika.

On October 13, 2023, she made a birthday post for her husband.

In her post, she did not disclose his age but gave us a slight hint about how he is as a person.

She describes Jeremiah Chika as someone who was audacious enough to approach her.

Faith humorously adds how he is not a morning person and hates going to the 6:00 AM flight to Georgia.

She continues to describe him as someone so intelligent and patient to have been able to win her heart.

She says she is happy he was born and is a big part of her life.

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