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Is Officer Frank Sloup Fired? Dismissal News And Net Worth

Frank Sloup fired from two previous law enforcement agencies in Arizona before his controversial appearance in the “Fridays With Frank.”

In law enforcement, officers are often seen as the front line of justice and security, tasked with upholding the law and serving their communities. 

However, not all officers garner positive attention, and some are embroiled in controversy. 

One such controversial figure is Officer Frank Sloup, who has recently come under scrutiny due to his appearance in a weekly video series titled “Fridays With Frank” by the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. 

These videos have sparked outrage and concern from the public and fellow law enforcement professionals. 

In this article, we will investigate the allegations against Officer Frank Sloup and the circumstances surrounding his dismissal from two previous law enforcement agencies.

Is Officer Frank Sloup Fired? 

The central question surrounding Officer Frank Sloup is whether he has been fired from his position at the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. 

Frank Sloup Fired
This tweet is about a volunteer Sheriff’s Service Officer (VSSO) named Fred Menditto, who had the opportunity to go on a ride-along with Deputy Sheriff Frank Sloup. (Source: Twitter)

To provide clarity, it’s essential to understand the sequence of events leading up to his current situation.

Officer Frank Sloup currently serves as a member of the Traffic Unit. He is Assistant Sniper Team Leader/Operator on a Regional SWAT Team within the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. Various roles and responsibilities have marked his tenure as a law enforcement officer.

It includes Advanced Diver in Lake Patrol/Search and Rescue, Firearms/Tactical Rifle Instructor, Lead Vehicular Crimes Investigator, Patrol Sergeant, and Lake Patrol Sergeant.

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However, Officer Sloup’s controversy stems from his involvement in the YouTube series “Fridays With Frank,” created by his own agency, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. 

Frank Sloup Dismissal News: What Happened? 

Officer Frank Sloup has faced dismissal, resignation, or separation from not one but two different law enforcement agencies in the state before finding a role with Pinal County.

Frank Sloup Fired
This tweet is about Deputy Frank Sloup from the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, highlighting his experience dealing with various responses from drivers who have been pulled over. (Source: Twitter)

The reasons behind these departures are deeply troubling. Frank Sloup’s inclusion on the Brady List, a list of law enforcement officers with credibility and integrity issues, raises serious questions about his suitability for the job. 

This designation is typically reserved for officers whose credibility may be questioned in court proceedings, and it can have significant implications for an officer’s career.

The Brady Offense No. 1632168525 – 1704088618, dated October 16, 2017, pertains to Frank Sloup’s tenure at the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. 

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Including this offense on his record suggests that his conduct or actions during his time with the agency have raised concerns about integrity or credibility.

How Much Is Frank Sloup Net Worth?

Officer Frank Sloup’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, and law enforcement salaries can vary significantly based on factors such as rank, years of service, and geographic location.

Law enforcement officers typically earn a base salary, which can supplement overtime pay, special assignments, and additional certifications or training. 

Frank Sloup’s extensive experience in various law enforcement roles, including his status as a Drug Recognition Expert Instructor, could have contributed to his overall income.

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However, it’s important to note that public servants like police officers do not typically amass substantial wealth solely through their salaries. Instead, they are driven by a commitment to serve and protect their communities.


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