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Is Greg Gutfeld Leaving FOX News? New Job Or Fired

With the increasing fame of American TV host Greg Gutfeld, much news about him leaving the FOX network has emerged on various social sites. Is this news true? Let’s find out.

Greg John Gutfeld is an accomplished American personality recognized for his work in the television industry.

Born on September 12, 1964, he is a well-known television host, political commentator, comedian and author.

Currently, he is serving as the host of the late-night comedy talk show Gutgeld! and is one of the co-hosts of the political talk show The Five.

With a career spanning several decades, Greg has emerged as a successful host in the entertainment world.

Beyond his career endeavors, he has also authored several books showcasing his multifaced talent worldwide.

Meanwhile, as Greg Gutfeld continues to captivate audiences with his talent, news about him leaving Fox News has surfaced online.

Is Greg Gutfeld Leaving FOX News?

In the current world of the spotlight, statements made by famous personalities often spark curiosity and controversies about their professional life.

Similarly, recently, news about Greg Gutfeld leaving Fox News amidst controversial statements has started making headlines.

Greg Gutfeld captured sitting at the floor.
Greg Gutfeld has not left the FOX News. (Source: Instagram)

The news of Greg parting ways from Fox News has been around since the end of 2023.

This news surfaced after he made controversial statements on Elon Musk and freedom of speech.

As the clip of his video surfaced online, it eventually led to different speculations about his future in the network.

Many people even started sharing false news about him leaving the network in the coming days.

However, Greg has not addressed the public regarding his job situation and has easily ignored all the rumors.

Meanwhile, Fox News has also not mentioned anything about firing him from the job.

Additionally, various sources are ongoing investigations on the matter but have reached nowhere.

Despite the ongoing controversies and rumors about Greg Gutfeld leaving the network, it seems he will not leave it anytime soon.

Greg captured along with his show guest.
Greg Gutfeld will not quit the network anytime soon. (Source: Instagram)

His role as the host of Gutfeld! will continue to captivate a worldwide audience unless further confirmations.

In the meantime, we request everyone sharing false news about him leaving the network stop immediately.

That said, those who come across this news should follow official and credible sources before believing them true.

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Has The Fox News Fired Greg From The Network?

Similar to the news of Greg quitting the network, another rumor about him being fired has also started circulating on different social media platforms.

All these rumors have come from sources with less credibility and an unhealthy image in the online space.

Greg captured along with his pet.
The FOX News has not fired Greg from the show. (Source: Instagram)

However, according to the Fox network and other news sources, Greg will continue to work until he decides to quit for himself.

Moreover, the network has not decided anything about firing him due to his controversial statements on Elon Musk.

Despite these claims from official sources, many people are still confused because of false news.

However, if going through proper channels, those finding the rumors true can receive accurate and credible information.

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Details On Greg Gutfeld’s Career

Upon graduating from college, Greg Gutfeld entered the media world as an intern at The American Spectator.

Further, he went on to work with notable magazines like Prevention magazine and Rodale Press magazines.

Greg Gutfeld captured along with his friends.
Greg has been in the industry for several decades. (Source: Instagram)

With a passion for establishing a name for himself, he continued his journey at Men’s Health until 2002.

Later, Greg eventually became the editor-in-chief of Stuff magazine, gaining worldwide recognition for his contribution.

Soon, he began working with multiple media outlets before joining Fox News on the late-night talk show Red Eye.

After a few years in the show, he joined The Five in 2011 and launched The Greg Show in 2015.

Moreover, his work eventually earned him worldwide recognition as the 12th most influential person in American media.

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