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Harvey Levin Net Worth: Career & Lifestyle

One of the famous media personalities, Harvey Levin’s net worth is $20 million.

Harvey Levin is a famous American television producer, lawyer, legal analyst, and celebrity reporter.

He is the founder of the celebrity gossip website TMZ. The site has grown to become one of the top 500 websites globally.

Harvey Levin
Harvey Levin (Source: IMDb)

Moreover, Harvey is the host of OBJECTified, which aired on the Fox News Channel.

The brilliant personality was awarded Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program in the year 2015.

Harvey Levin | Quick Facts

Let’s explore the personal details of the very talented Harvey Levin.

Full Name Harvey Robert Levin
Celebrated As Harvey Levin
Date of Birth September 2, 1950
Place of Birth Los Angeles
Residency California, USA
Age 73 Years Old
Nationality American
Ethnicity American
Gender Male
Horoscope Virgo
Religion Jewish
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Relationship Status In a relationship
Sexual Orientation Gay
Partner Dr. Andy Mauer
Height 5′ 8″
Weight 70 kg
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Education University of California, University of Chicago Law School
Profession Television Producer, Legal Analyst, Celebrity Reporter, and Former Lawyer
Social Media Twitter
Net Worth $20 Million
Last Update May 2024

Harvey Levin | Net Worth and Income

The legendary man has amassed a sizable fortune throughout his diversified career. As of May 2024, Harvey Levin’s net worth is a staggering $20 million.

Harvey is known as one of the most prominent figures in the entertainment industry. He has featured in several TV series, which has helped him boost his earnings.

Levin appeared on the episodes of ЈАG, Тhе Ѕорrаnоѕ, Fаmіlу Guу, аnd Еmріrе, which further strengthened his capabilities and fame.

Moreover, he has made millions from his production ventures.

The reporter is also the founder and managing editor of TMZ.com. The gossip site is one of the most visited websites.

Since the site has visitors of millions, Harvey earns $5 million per year from producing, hosting, and managing the TMZ media company.

Similarly, he also earns a considerable fortune from his profession as a Legal Analyst. He is also one of the highly valued legal counsels.

Aside from his busy schedule, Harvey is also a real estate tycoon. He makes good money from his estate trades.

Harvey still has an active and successful career. He will certainly make more fortune in the upcoming days.

Harvey Levin’s Net Worth in Different Currencies

Let us see what Harvey Levin’s net worth is in different currencies.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 17,917,800
Pound Sterling £ 14,907,100
Australian Dollar A$ 28,517,440
Canadian Dollar C$ 25,477,700
Indian Rupee ₹ 1,499,966,000
BitCoin ฿ 541.83

Harvey Levin | Houses and Cars


Harvey Levin’s net worth as of May 2024 is an enormous $20 million.

It’s reasonable for a millionaire to own many houses and estates and trade them accordingly.

Harvey thus owns multiple homes around the United States.

He sold his Hollywood Hills property for $3.6 million in early 2015, earning a decent sum.

Likewise, he used to earn $20,000 a month leasing the property.

Harvey Levin currently lives in an opulent mansion in Lоѕ Аnglеѕ. Тhе west Hollywood mаnѕіоn hаѕ thrее bеdrооmѕ аnd thrее bаthrооmѕ.

Іn 1998, hе рurсhаѕеd thе hоmе fоr $9.8 mіllіоn. The magnificent residence boasts all of the finest amenities and perfectly complements Levin’s personality.

Likewise, he also owns multiple properties with his long-time partner Andy. The pair have purchased a beach-front apartment in Marina Del Rey.


Just like other millionaires, Harvey is also a huge car enthusiast. He owns a range of cars, from luxurious SUVs to sporty ones.

Even though Harvey is said to have a fleet of exotic automobile collections, he rarely shows them in public.

Harvey is often spotted driving his Black Porsche Convertible. He also owns a couple of Harley Davison motorcycles.

We may easily infer that the celebrity reporter spends a significant amount of money on his luxurious rides.

Harvey Levin | Lifestyle and Vacations

As of May 2024, Harvey Levin’s net worth is a massive $20 million.

Harvey has amassed a sizable net worth from his successful profession, allowing him to live a luxury lifestyle.

The celebrity reporter is very popular for his broad mindset and positive attitude. Even though he has massive fortunes, he lives a very simple and modest life.

He enjoys spending his mornings in the garden outside of his home. He believes that being connected with nature is highly beneficial to mental well-being.

Harvey and Andy (Source: Pinterest)

Harvey is currently in a relationship with Andy Mauer, a Californian chiropractor. They have a high level of mutual respect for one another. 

His professional accomplishment has also boosted his relationship with his partner. The pair are frequently seen traveling and attending events together.

Despite his popularity for his work, Levin has managed to keep his personal and professional lives separate.

Harvey Levin | Charity

Harvey Levin is also well-known for his down-to-earth personality. He believes in giving back to society.

The reporter has contributed to numerous orphanages and child care centers. He is concerned about children’s education and learning.

Likewise, Harvey has also contributed to charities related to health, education, and women.

Levin is one of the most influential LGBT advocates on the planet.

Even though he is an active philanthropist, he prefers to keep initiatives behind the spotlight.

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Harvey Levin | Blogs, TV Shows, Productions, and Books


Levin subsequently began writing for the Los Angeles Times.

He served seven years as a contributor and hosted a legal radio show as Doctor Law.

Levin switched from being an attorney to being a television reporter in 1982. It was one of the best decisions ever in his life.

Harvey began reporting legal matters for KNBC-TV around that time.

He made headlines for the first time when he worked with KCBS-TV on the O.J. Simpson murder trial.

The reporter also appeared as a legal expert on the show during the trial and stole the show’s attention.

Levin founded and served as managing editor of the TMZ website, which he founded in 2005.

After covering the news of Mel Gibson’s DUI arrest, his Magazine became well-known.

Not only that, but the Magazine also covered notable events such as Michael Jackson’s, Heath Ledger’s, and Brittany Murphy’s deaths.

Furthermore, Michael Jackson’s death in 2009 was the site’s most famous story ever.

At that time, the blog was four years old. It received immediate international recognition for being the first to disclose the death of the King of Pop.

Currently, TMZ is one of the popular Gossip sites, and it has 4.15 million subscribers on YouTube as well.

TV Shows

Aside from his reporting career, Harvey has made several notable appearances in films and television series.

Among them was The Volcano in 1997, on which he worked as a reporter. Harvey also served as the host of Celebrity Justice throughout the show.

Moreover, he appeared in Season 8, Episode 14 of Family Guy

Since 2016, Levin has hosted the Fox News Channel’s weekly show “OBJECTified,” prerecorded and broadcast live.


Levin began his career as a producer in 2001. He produced four episodes of “The People’s Court” and then produced 52 episodes of “Celebrity Justice.”

These reality TV shows were among the most popular shows with a massive audience.

Harvey worked on “TMZ on TV” until 2007, and in addition to being its producer, he also presented over 1,400 episodes, garnering greater media exposure and recognition.

Harvey in TMZ Live  (Source: Pinterest)

Levin was the executive producer of “TMZ” from 2007 to 2010.

Moreover, Levin produced 17 episodes of “Rock & A Hard Place” in 2008. He was also the executive producer of “Beyond Twisted” the following year.

Harvey’s most recent works are “TMZ Live” and “Raq Rants.”

As of May 2024, Harvey Levin’s net worth is a massive $20 million.

Book Publications

Aside from his multiple ventures, Harvey has also stepped in authoring a book.

Harvey Levin wrote and published a book titled The People’s Court: How to Tell It to the Judge in 1985.

The book discussed and commented on several episodes from the show. In addition, Library Journal, which is an American trade publication, suggested the book for public libraries.

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Harvey Levin | Career

Harvey acquired his bachelor’s diploma at the University of California.

He joined the University of Chicago and attained a Juris Doctor Degree.

Harvey passed his bar exams in the mid-1970s and started his legal profession in California.

After achieving fame for his commentary on the O.J. Simpson murder trial, he went to star in television.

When Harvey garnered fame with his TV career, he abandoned his career as a lawyer.

Levin was chosen as the TMZ site’s founder and managing editor in 2005 when AOL and Telepictures Productions decided to launch a celebrity gossip site.

He has now established a thriving career in the entertainment world, garnering significant fame and fortune.

Levin has earned nine Emmy Awards over his career in the entertainment industry.

Harvey’s story is very inspirational. Levin is one of the most respected personalities in the LGBT community and worldwide.

Interesting Facts About Harvey Levin

  • Out Magazine named Harvey one of the most influential LGBT voices in America.
  • Harvey met with former President Donald Trump in Trump Tower. They talked about collaborating on “positive change in inner communities.”


Is Harvey Levin married to Andy Mauer?

Harvey has been in a relationship with Andy Mauer since the late 1990s. Levin and Mauer have never been married, and they don’t have any children together. Andy and Harvey have kept their personal lives out of the public eye.

Did Harvey Levin teach Law?

Yes, way before Harvey became a popular figure in the industry, he used to teach law at the University of Miami. Again after a certain period of time, he taught at Whittier College of Law.

When did Harvey say he was gay?

Levin openly declared his sexual orientation in April 2010 when speaking at an event for the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. Harvey told the audience during his speech that he used to be frightened of the consequences if someone found out he was gay. So, he held his secret close to his heart for his professional life.

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