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Plane Crash: Who Was Dorothy Hunt, Howard Hunt Wife? Kids and Family

Howard Hunt Wife, Dorothy Hunt, died in a mysterious plane crash on December 8, 1972. Find out more about their married life.

Dorothy Hunt was an employee of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who took the position after the Second World War. She was stationed in Shanghai, China.

Apart from that, Dorothy was also famous for being the wife of Howard Hunt, an American intelligence officer and author. Howard was convicted of burglary, conspiracy, and wiretapping.

Due to that, he even served 33 months in prison. After getting released, he resided in Mexico and then Florida until his death. Meanwhile, Dorothy’s name came into the spotlight when she died in a mysterious plane crash on December 8, 1972.

The HBO series White House Plumbers’ Episode Four focused entirely on the destiny of Dorothy.

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Plane Crash: Who Was Dorothy Hunt, Howard Hunt Wife?

Dorothy Hunt was the wife of Howard Hunt, with whom she had been married for some time. Dorothy lost her life in a deadly plane crash that happened on December 8, 1972.

The accident happened six months after the Watergate break-in. During that time, the investigations around the Watergate scandal were increasing. 

Furthermore, her husband, Howard was under massive pressure: the trial for the Watergate break-in was about to start, and Hunt was already among the indicted.

Howard Hunt Wife
Howard Hunt and his wife Dorothy Hunt were photographed in 1958 with their kids. ( Source: Spartacus Educational )

So, Howard needed to work on his defense, knowing that revealing the truth would involve Nixon’s administration directly. The alternative was pleading guilty and refusing any connection with the White House.

Just a few weeks before the beginning of the trial, United Air Lines Flight 553 crashed during the landing operations. On that flight, Howard’s wife Dorothy was also present. Investigations indicated that the cause of the accident was a pilot error.

Despite that, the case remains mysterious as multiple conspiracy theories have been created regarding Dorothy’s death. Moreover, the HBO series White House Plumbers shows in-depth details about this case.

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Dorothy Hunt and Howard Hunt Kids: Explore Their Family Life

Dorothy Hunt and her wife Howard Hunt were married from 1949 to 1972. As said earlier, Dorothy worked at the CIA after World War II. It was the time when she met Howard.

Being married for a long time, Dorothy and Howard had also started a family of their own. After returning to the U.S., they settled in Maryland and had four kids.

The names of their four children are Lisa, Kevan, Howard St John, and David. In the HBO series, all four kids’ roles have been portrayed.

Howard Hunt
Howard Hunt and his wife Dorothy Hunt welcomed four kids, and now all of them stay away from the public. ( Source: NBC News )

Zoe Levin appears as Lisa, Kiernan Shipka portrays Kevan, Liam James appears as St. John and Tre Ryder plays the part of David. Not to mention, their Father, Howard, died on January 23, 2007, of pneumonia in Miami.

After that, it was reported that David was a Jacuzzi seller at a spa shop located in West Los Angeles. Meanwhile, St John was working as a caretaker for elderly people, and he reportedly married the same year his dad died.

Furthermore, all of their four kids stay away from the media and do not come forward. Besides that, Howard also had two kids named Austin and Hollis from his marriage with Laura Martin. 

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