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Is Joe Daniher Related To Neale Daniher? Relationship And Family Background

Brisbane Lions star Joe Daniher hails from a family with a strong athletic legacy. Many of his family members and close relatives have played in the Australian Football League. Neale Daniher, former AFL player and coach, is one of them.

It has been revealed that Joe is related to Neale Daniher through his father, Anthony. 0nthony and Neale are brothers, making Joe and Neale nephew-uncle.

Key Takeaways

  • Brisbane Lions Key Forward Joe Daniher is the nephew of Neale Daniher, the former Essendon player and coach.
  • Joe’s father, Anthony is the younger brother of Neale Daniher.
  • The young football player’s father has ten siblings and three of them played for Essendon of the AFL.

Neale is a former AFL player, who played for Essendon Football Club. He also coached Essendon, Fremantle, and West Coast.

Besides, Neale Daniher, Joe also has two more uncles who are former professional football players.

Is Joe Daniher Related To Neale Daniher?

The professional Australian Football League (AFL) player Joe Daniher shares a familial bond with Neale Daniher, a retired AFL coach.

Joe is Neale’s nephew. His father, Anthony Daniher, is Neale’s younger brother.

Born to Anthony and Charlene Daniher on 4 March 1994, in Melbourne, Australia, Joe grew up in a family deeply rooted in AFL.

His childhood was filled with attending AFL matches alongside his siblings and cousins.

As they grew up in a sports family, they developed a strong love for the game.

His father, Anthony, and his older brothers played a significant role in shaping young Joe’s interest in football.

Furthermore, the Brisbane Lions forward shares a close bond with his uncle.

Despite residing in separate homes, the family frequently gathered for their children’s matches.

These regular family get-togethers provided Joe ample opportunities to form a close bond with his uncles, particularly Neale.

Neale has been a constant mentor in Joe’s life, often seen cheering for him from the stands during matches.

However, Neale’s public appearances have significantly decreased due to his health condition.

He was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in 2013, which has greatly impacted his life.

However, the Daniher family continues to stand together and support one another.

Joe Daniher Has Two More Uncles Who Played For Essendon

Joe Daniher, a professional Australian Football League (AFL) player, is part of a family that has made significant contributions to the sport.

In addition to his uncle Neale Daniher, a retired AFL coach, Joe has two more uncles, Terry and Chris, who were former players for Essendon, a prominent team in the AFL.

Joe Daniher with his father, Anthony, and uncle, Neale Daniher. (Image Source: Herald Sun)

Joe’s father, Anthony Daniher, was the fourth child of James “Jim” and Edna Daniher, who were natives of West Wyalong.

Anthony was one of eleven siblings, and he, along with Neale, Terry, and Chris, carved out successful careers with Essendon and went on to establish a strong family presence in the AFL.

Growing up, Joe’s father was greatly influenced by his elder brother, Terry, who was then playing for the Northern Riverina Football League.

This exposure to the sport at a young age was an experience that Anthony and his other brothers cherished deeply.

It instilled in them a passion for the game that would guide their future careers.

The Daniher siblings received their early education at St. Joseph Catholic School in Ungarie.

After completing their primary education, they played in the Northern Riverina Football League, honing their skills and gaining valuable experience.

This stepping stone led them to the Australian Football League, where Joe’s father and uncles made a name for themselves.


What Is Joe Daniher’s Salary?

As reported by Fox Sports, the AFL star earns around $750K per season.

Who Is Joe Daniher Partner or Wife?

Daniher’s partner is Adelle Bougis, with whom he has been together for over six years. The smitten pair welcomed a baby girl in September 2022.

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