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Intel: Christoph Schell Wikipedia Age Salary And Net Worth

Christoph Schell holds an important leadership role at Intel as the executive vice president and chief commercial officer.

He is in charge of overseeing a lot of Intel’s global business operations, including sales, planning, customer support, marketing, communications, and customer success.

Christoph Schell focuses on developing innovative business and marketing strategies to expand Intel’s global business opportunities.

He aims to strengthen relationships and drive results for Intel’s customers and partners worldwide.

In simpler terms, Christoph Schell is one of Intel’s top executives, running many of Intel’s customer-facing, sales, and marketing teams globally.

His role is to help grow Intel’s business and ensure customers have positive experiences.

Christoph is present across multiple digital platforms including Google News, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, where he actively shares his viewpoints and showcases his ongoing projects and initiatives.

Also, Christoph is dedicated to nurturing upcoming leaders and advancing positive change for the planet and its inhabitants.

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Intel: Christoph Schell Wikipedia and Age

Schell was born on 1973, as of now, 2024, 51 years old.

Christoph Schell was hired by Intel in March 2022, coming from HP Inc., where he had served as chief commercial officer.

He had previously worked at HP Inc. for 25 years, holding various high-level management roles globally, including president of 3D printing and digital manufacturing.

Before rejoining HP in 2014, he was executive vice president of growth markets at Philips.

Christoph Schell Wikipedia
Christoph met with ChPilgrim at FRANCE24 and Fsorel at bfmbusiness TV during his time in Paris, engaging in discussions and interviews (Source: X Page)

There, he oversaw Philips’ lighting business divisions across Asia Pacific, Japan, the Middle East, Russia, and other countries.

Earlier in his career, he gained experience working at his family’s distribution and industrial solutions company as well as in brand management at Procter & Gamble.

Education-wise, Schell holds bachelor’s degrees from two universities in Germany and France: ESB Reutlingen and École Supérieure de Commerce de Reims.

He speaks three languages fluently: German, English, and French.

Furthermore, he is an experienced global senior executive who joined Intel in 2022 after many years in top leadership roles at HP and Philips, overseeing commercial operations and expansion in growth markets worldwide.

Christoph Schell Salary and Net Worth

As of now, 2024, the total estimated net worth of Christoph Schell is at least $9.18 million.

A significant part of this net worth comes from his ownership stake in HP Inc. stock and his executive salary at HP Inc.

Records show that as of January 2024, Schell personally holds at least 8,063 units of HP Inc. stock currently valued at over $1 million dollars ($1,096,531).

Additionally, it is reported that over the past 4 years, he has sold over $6 million worth of HPQ stock through various sales.

Christoph Schell Wikipedia
Christoph commenced his day at the Federal Chancellery in Berlin, expressing gratitude for the insightful discussions with Mr. Völkerling, Mr. Reimers, and Mr. Kukies (Source: X Page)

In his role as Chief Commercial Officer at HP Inc., Mr. Schell earns an annual salary of $2,053,446.

According to sources, the largest single stock sale he has made was on November 5th, 2021, when he sold 157,751 HP Inc. stock units, generating over $5 million dollars ($5,057,497) from the sale.

On average, he trades about 50,923 HP stock units approximately every 77 days since 2019.

As of January 2024, records indicate he still owns a personal stake of at least 38,967 shares of HP Inc. stock.

In addition, while exact details may vary, reports show Christoph Schell holds a personal net worth in the millions, partly through both current and previous HP company stock holdings and executive-level income.

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