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Is Costa Titch Related To AKA? Costa Tsobanoglou Health Before Death

Costa Titch and AKA are well-known musicians in the South Africant music industry. Many people have been asking if the two artists are related.

Costa Titch ventured into the entertainment industry as a dancer, but he became a fan-favorite South African rapper over time. With his musical prowess, he accumulated both fame and fortune.

Tragically, the rapper died while performing at the Ultra music festival on 12 March 2023. Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela confirmed the sad news via Twitter. SA industry is mourning the untimely death of the young artist.

Today’s article reveals if the Big Flexa rapper is related to a fellow prominent rapper AKA. Read on to explore the relationship between the two musicians in this short piece.

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Is Costa Titch Related To AKA?

Costa Titch and AKA don’t have a blood relation. At least there has been no such disclosure. However, as two artists in the same industry, they had worked together and know one another.

Is Costa Titch Related To AKA?
Costa Titch and AKA don’t have blood relations, but they knew one another and worked together. (Image Source: YouTube)

In 2021, AKA and Costa Titch collaborated to release the single “Super Soft.” The Mpumalanga-born rapper Costa Titch had a difficult time in 2020.

He was accused of cultural infringement, but rapper Cassper Nyovest rushed to his rescue on Twitter, saying that Titch is “a real one.”

Likewise, the Capetown native, rapper AKA also had painful moments in 2021. But the musical duo’s sincerity and talent kept them afloat.

Super Soft is one of the biggest projects of the duo – with simple lyrics and a catchy beat, the single accumulated much success.

Super Soft is from Costa Titch and AKA’s joint project “You’re Welcome,” which was released on 10 September 2021.

Costa Tsobanoglou Health Before Death

The 27-year-old rapper’s sudden death has left his fans, family and friends in utter disbelief. He was performing at the Ultra music festival when he suddenly collapsed and passed away.

Following the tragedy, people are concerned if the Big Flexa hitmaker had any health issues before his death. However, there have been no reports revealing the musician’s illness.

Is Costa Titch Related To AKA?
Costa Titch fans are concerned about why he collapsed and if he had any illness history. (Image Source: Mandy News)

Tragedies have recently had a significant negative impact on the South African music industry. Prominent rapper AKA died after being shot fatally in the coastal city of Durban, SA, on 10 February 2023. AKA (real name – Kiernan Forbes)  was 35 years old at his death.

Similarly, Hip-hop musician HHP committed suicide in 2018, and kwaito star Mshoza died of diabetes-related problems in 2020.

Costa Tsobanoglou Death And Challenges Of SA Musicians

As reported by Mandy News, several business people spoke about the challenges faced by musicians in South Africa. The death of Costa Titch and AKA has reignited these debates.

Piracy, low income, and lack of resources have long been problems in the industry, and many people think that these problems are part of why musicians struggle with their mental health.

The tragic death of Costa and AKA has also brought attention to the need for increased security at musical events.

After Costa Titch collapsed at the Ultra music festival, which has already come under fire for its safety record, a review of safety protocols at music events across the country is being demanded.

Despite the challenges affecting the industry, many people remain optimistic about the future of South African music. The country boasts a rich and diverse musical heritage, with new genres like Kwaito and Amapiano.

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