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Is Dawood Ibrahim Dead? News After Hospitalized In Pakistan

With the recent news of the notorious Indian underworld figure Dawood Ibrahim being hospitalized, a question has arisen among people globally: whether Dawood Ibrahim is dead or not.

Dawood Ibrahim is an Indian mob boss, drug lord, and terrorist, considered one of the most dangerous criminals in the world.

He also founded the organized syndicate known as D-Company.

Further, Dawood shows active involvement in various criminal activities, including organized crime, extortion, smuggling, and terrorism.

He was also part of a key role in the 1993 Mumbai bombing, which resulted in numerous casualties.

Moreover, with the recent news of the hospitalization of Dawood Ibrahim, people have started wondering if he is dead or still alive.

Is Dawood Ibrahim Dead? News Surfacing After Hospitalized In Pakistan

The reports emerged on December 18, 2023, suggested Dawood Ibrahim’s hospitalization in Karachi, Pakistan.

While Pakistani authorities have not yet confirmed the report, sources have speculated the reason for his hospitalization to be poisoning.

According to the sources, Dawood is receiving treatment at a private hospital in Karachi.

Dawood Ibrahim wearing a black suit with white shirt.
On Monday, reports indicated that Dawood had been hospitalized. (Source: Instagram)

As the sole patient undergoing treatment on the floor, only the top authorities and his family members are allowed to see him.

However, no authorities have officially confirmed this information.

Furthermore, as the news surfaced on the internet, Indian officials, as well as the citizens, wondered if Dawood Ibrahim was dead for good or was still alive.

There is no valid source of information to confirm Dawood Ibrahim to be dead. Also, the Pakistani government has not yet released any statement regarding his hospitalization in Pakistan.

Despite the belief that Dawood was residing in Karachi’s upmarket Clifton area, Pakistan has always denied his presence.

This further complicates the confirmation of information regarding his hospitalization and death.

Nevertheless, if Dawood Ibrahim is dead, the reports will soon be available with detailed information.

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More About The Underworld Don: Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim, a name that stirs fear and fascination in equal measures, remains an enigma wrapped in mystery.

Born in Mumbai’s bustling Dongri district on December 26, 1955, he rose from a rough part of the city to become one of the world’s most notorious criminals.

Dropped out of school, Dawood started as a petty smuggler in the city’s underbelly.

He quickly commenced a large venture fueled by ambition and a ruthless, cunning nature.

Dawood Ibrahim on a telephone wearing a yellow t-shirt and black sunglass.
Dawood’s company was responsible for the bombing in Bombay. (Source: Instagram)

In the 1970s, he cofounded D-Company, a criminal syndicate that soon became synonymous with organized crimes in Mumbai.

Soon, extortion, drug trafficking, and contract killing became their main jobs.

Moreover, Dawood became infamous after the 1993 Mumbai bombings, a series of planned attacks in the city.

This organized operation took over 250 lives, showcasing how ruthless D-Company could be.

Following the attack, India branded him a terrorist, while Interpol issued a red notice for his arrest.

But unfortunately, the master of disguise, Dawood, vanished from the country. 

Further, rumors circulated that he lived in a luxurious hideout in Pakistan, supposedly protected by the government.

His influence, however, extended far beyond his physical appearance. 

Dawood sitting in a chair wearing a red sunglass.
In 2003, India and the United States designated Dawood as a global terrorist. (Source: Instagram)

D-Company’s hand reached deep into Bollywood, politics, and legitimate businesses, making Dawood a symbol of uncontrolled power.

Despite numerous attempts to capture him, Dawood remains a free man.

He currently lives in Karachi with his wife, Zubeena Zareen, and family protected by the Pakistani government.

Nevertheless, his story, full of crime, mystery, and political maneuvers, keeps captivating filmmakers, journalists, and law enforcement.

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