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Is Furina Dead in Genshin Impact? Death Sentence Explained

The recent 4.2 version of Genshin Impact is all set to release on November 8, 2023, and with the release, many questions arise, like, is Furina dead?

Developed by ‘miHoYo,’ a game developer company out of China, Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-play game first released in 2020 for Android, iOS, and Windows.

Following the success of the above versions, the company launched a PlayStation version in 2021.

The game takes place in the fictional world of Teyvat, home to seven kingdoms ruled by the seven gods.

Numerous elements, such as The Legend of Zelda, Japanese anime, Gnosticism, Geography, and World myth, inspire the game.

Furina is a hydro character who resides in Fontaine, a terrestrial sea in the Centre of Teyvat.

Focalors, or Furina, is a god of justice and the current Hydro archon; however, she is not part of the original seven who emerged after the Archon War.

After watching the latest trailer for the game, players are brainstorming theories and wondering: Is Furina dead?

Genshin Impact Theories And Speculation: Is Furina Dead?

Genshin Impact is a popular game that has earned more than $3.8 billion across all its platforms.

So, the hype and excitement surrounding the release of the new version are understandable.

Game logo n black and white, is Furina dead?
The game is free-to-play and is available on various platforms, including PC, iOS/Android, and PS4/PS5.

Especially when the previous version hints about Furina’s death, a major game character.

Fans are fearful about the death of the God of Justice.

Furina was sentenced to death by the Fontaine government for her suspected involvement in the killings of the previous Fontaine ruler.

However, the recent trailer for the game suggests otherwise. The trailer hints about Furina’s innocence and that Fatui is framing her.

Furina’s fate seems to gravitate towards darkness, but it is also worth noticing that Furina still has a story quest, “Animula Choragi.”

But if she dies, the story quest may not be present.

Fans also fear the death of the people of Fontaine because of the Primordial Seawater.

The future of Fontaine is hard to guess, but many fans have already started drawing speculations and theories.

Gaint space whale fight in the new version 4.2
Genshin Impact is a cross-platform game and became one of the top-grossing titles after its release in September 2020.

At the beginning of the Fontaine quests, magical boxes passed by Lyney store incredible capabilities. However, since then, the boxes have been forgotten.

Furthermore, it is unlikely for the developers to ignore such an important part of the game.

Arlecchino is also determined to fight the prophecy. She is the antagonist and the fourth of the eleven Fatui Harbingers of the game.

The game actively pushes players to choose between Furina and Arlecchino; some even believe that siding with Arlecchino is more profitable.

However, the effect of her death sentence may decrease if the players complete Furina’s story quest as a part of the game.

Genshin Impact is becoming more and more interesting; only the new 4.2 version can reveal if Furina is dead.

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Hydro Archons To A Death Sentence

Events with Arlechinno or The Knave revealed why Focalors stood trial and why the viewers speculate that Furina is dead.

But, till now, Furina is certainly not dead. She is being tried and sentenced, but she does not live.

A disaster killed the previous hydro archon, Egeria, and after that, Furina became the new hydro archon.

Furina watching herself on a stage.
Furina was introduced as part of an Event Wish in Genshin Impact.

However, Oceanids never accepted her ascension to the throne, even blaming her ascension for being harmful to the water of Fontaine.

Later, the Oceanids cut all their ties with Fontaine and imposed an exile on themselves.

After Childe’s disappearance, Arlechinno decided to look into Furina.

While Furina was playing with cats, Arlechinno found her just by chance and attacked her by surprise to steal her Gnosis.

However, Furina does not have the Gnosis. She is shocked and begs for mercy.

Furina watching curious.
Furina is one of The Seven Archons in Teyvat.

Arlechinno did not feel good about her; her erratic behavior and fear of death were not common for an archon.

Eventually, Arlechinno left with disappointment, and Oratrice deemed Furina guilty and sentenced her to death during her trial.

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