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Is The YouTube Judge Judy Dead? Death Hoax And Quotes

Judge Judy is a court judge who has a reality TV show whose fame has often led her to get wrapped around many rumors. This time, the internet is wondering if Judge Judy is dead. Let’s explore.

Judith Susan Sheindlin, famously known as Judge Judy, is one of the most recognizable names in America.

She makes judgments over real-life domestic disputes in her show.

The famous series first aired in 1996 on September 16th, and after two decades of a successful run, it ended in 2021 on July 23rd.

Judge Judy has been an important part of American pop culture with her strict persona and often very satisfying judgments.

Currently, news has been surfacing that the beloved Judge Judy is dead. Let’s get to know whether these are just another Internet hoax or real.

Persistent Death Hoaxes Of Haunt Judge Judy, Is She Dead? 2023 Update

It is not the first time that headlines have been made about the death of Judge Judy.

During her 20-year-long career as a reality TV courtroom judge, there were many times when people on the internet were spreading rumors about her passing.

Judge Judy wikipedia
Judge Judy has been a part of the TV world for a long time since the 90s. (Source: Instagram)

In the year 2018, there was an article by a famous website suggesting that Judge Judy is dead.

The confusion was because someone attempted to make some edits to her Wikipedia page.

The unknown person tried to make it look like she was dead on the date November 9th, 2018.

Some people also came forward with the revelation that they received emails about their favorite courtroom judge passing away.

These attempts to create a scandal-like rumor indeed seemed to work on many people.

Some people even tweeted how sad they felt about Judge Judy’s death.

Judge Judy photoshoot
Judge Judy seems like she lives a normal life even after such fame. (Source: Instagram)

However, the family and representatives of Judge Judy came forward with the clarification that she is still alive and doing extremely well.

Similarly, in 2020, the rumors started making waves again.

This time, the rumor was triggered by the fact that the long-running show Judge Judy was coming to an end.

People all over the internet were just making assumptions that it was because of the death of Judge Judy.

However, it had nothing to do with it but simply because Judge Judy wanted to take a break.

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Rumors of Judge Judy’s Death Resurface Amidst Confusion With Late Colleague

Another reason the rumors about Judge Judy being dead came from confusion.

Jerry Bishop, who worked for her show for a long time, sadly passed away at 84.

Many started confusing Jerry with Judge Judy. And again, after two years, the death hoaxes of Judge Judy appear to have been surfacing.

However, this time, too, she is well and alive, living a very fulfilled life.

Is judge Judy Dead
Judge Judy does not have a personal social media account, but she often appears on her show’s Twitter handle. (Source: Instagram)

There have been no reports or articles suggesting anything about her or even her health.

It is normal for elderly celebrities to get wrapped up in these internet hoaxes.

Not only Judge Judy but other famous names in the Hollywood industry have been subject to death rumors.

Judge Judy is currently living the 81st year of her life and resides in Brooklyn, NY, with her family.

There are no suggestions about whether she will be returning with another spin-off of her famous show, Judge Judy.

Maybe because she just wants to live a quiet and simple life with her family at this point in her life.

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