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Is Olivia Rodrigo Gay? Partner, Sexuality And Gender! Find Here

Explore Olivia Rodrigo’s impressive path from Disney stardom to her recent hit album Guts and the rumors about her sexuality sparked by her lyrics. Is Olivia Rodrigo Gay?

Olivia Rodrigo, the young American sensation who has taken the music and entertainment industry by storm, was born in 2003.

Rodrigo initially caught the public’s eye through her roles in popular Disney TV shows like Bizaardvark and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

However, her transition to the music world truly skyrocketed her to fame.

In 2021, she dropped her debut single, Drivers License, a song that would change her life forever.

Fast forward to 2023, she dropped her second studio album, Guts, on September 8th, which received amazing reviews.

Fans Talk About Olivia Rodrigo’s Sexuality: Is She Gay?

Like any other famous star, Olivia has been the subject of many rumors throughout her career.

About her relationships, her rivalries, and recently about her sexuality.

There are rumors surfacing on the internet that Olivia Rodrigo is trying to hint that she might be Gay.

Olivia Rodrigo met
Olivia Rodrigo before she steps out in Met Gala Red carpet. (Source: Instagram)

But how much truth could the speculations hold?

There is no confirmation by the singer herself about her sexuality or of her being gay.

However, Olivia Rodrigo strongly supports the Gay or queer community. She does not like when people insult or discriminate the queer people.

She is a young artist who is very vocal about her opinions.

Since sexuality is a very sensitive subject, we can never surely say about her sexuality until her confirmation.

However, judging by her very public dating history, one thing is for sure: she has fallen very hard for boys in her past.

Olivia Rodrigo stage
Olivia Rodrigo on stage in front of her fans as she writes that she will never forget the day in her caption. (Source: Instagram)

She wrote an entire song dedicated to her ex-boyfriend Joshua Basset. But she was only a young teenager when she wrote that song.

So, it can be possible that she was still discovering her sexuality during that phase.

Or, it could be that she is equally attracted to both males and females, which justifies the speculations of her being bi-sexual.

Whatever sexuality she identifies with, we cannot deny she is and will forever be this amazing artist.

However, the speculations about her gender and sexuality could have been started by Olivia herself.

Olivia Rodrigo’s Song Lyrics: Questions About Her Gender And Sexuality

Recently, she released a song called Lacy in which she mentions her jealousy and admiration for a girl obviously named Lacy, suggesting a romantic connection.

It’s common for people to interpret song lyrics in different ways, especially when it comes to LGBTQ+ themes.

However, the main question is whether it’s okay to see a song as LGBTQ+ related if the artist hasn’t openly talked about their sexual orientation.

Some say artists don’t need to reveal their sexuality, while others believe it’s valid to interpret their work in different ways.

Olivia Rodrigo gay
Olivia Rodrigo in the studio as she records for her album Guts. (Source: Instagram)

Ultimately, art can be interpreted in various ways, and saying one interpretation does not sound right.

But again, she has written another song, Guts.

In the song, Olivia Rodrigo expresses disappointment,

Every guy she dates comes out as gay.

She might have written this song for Joshua Basset, who came out as gay this year.

This is quite invalidating to the rumors of her being gay, as why would she be disappointed in her exes being gay if she liked girls now?

So, we can truly never assume based on her lyrics. She is an artist, and musicians could write about anything if they did not cross any boundaries.

Maybe she wrote the song Gut for her lesbian fans, who would love to listen to something they relate to.

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