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Is Sarah J Maas Zionist? ACOTAR Author Rumor Amidst Hulu Update

With the recent announcement from Hulu regarding the adaptation of writing from Sarah J Maas into a live-action series, rumors suggesting she is a Zionist have also started to circulate online.

Sarah Janet Maas is an accomplished American personality, recognized as a fantasy author.

Born on March 5, 1986, she has captivated a worldwide audience with her skillful writing and compelling narratives.

Some of her most popular works include acclaimed series like Throne of Glass, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and Crescent City.

With a career spanning over decades, her works have gained widespread attention selling more than twelve million copies of her books.

Meanwhile, as a world-famous author, her works have been translated into 37 languages, further solidifying her status as a versatile artist.

Moreover, as she continues to leave a mark on the literary landscape a rumors surrounding her religion have started to circulate online.

As these rumors suggesting Sarah J Maas is a Zionist reached a mass range of audience, many people are confused about her religious beliefs.

Is Sarah J Maas Zionist? ACOTAR Author Rumor Amidst Hulu Update

In the current digital era, famous personalities often find themselves surrounded by rumors based on their personal lives.

Similarly, at the moment, the American author Sarah J Maas has turned out as a major target of Zionist rumors regarding her religion.

Sarah J Mass captured holding her book.
Sarah J Maas is not a Zionist. (Source: Instagram)

These rumors initially started surfacing after an announcement from Hulu of adapting her writing, ACOTAR as a live-action series.

However, Sarah J Maas never came across to address those rumors suggesting her involvement in the Zionist community.

Despite her active involvement in the Jewish community, she continues to live with her ideologies and hasn’t shared anything about being a Zionist.

Due to this lack of disclosure, fans are left with their speculations and have started believing the ongoing rumors.

Meanwhile, all these sources circulating rumors about Sarah lack strong proof and credibility.

Additionally, Sarah has also never publicly acknowledged her involvement in the Zionist community.

Without proper proof and an official statement from her, speculating about her religious beliefs would be purely unethical.

Moreover, it is important to respect her decision for privacy and not spread baseless rumors based on her work and opinions.

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Why Do People Think Sarah J Maas Is Zionist? Reason!

Rumors suggesting Sarah J Maas is a Zionist often emerge on different social media platforms, like Twitter and Redditt.

And one of the major reasons that has fueled these rumors is her involvement in the Jewish community.

Sarah J Mass captured with her baby.
Sarah’s Zionist rumors have been around for a very long time. (Source: Instagram)

Born and raised by a Catholic mother and Jewish father, Sarah went on to follow her father’s religious ideologies since her early years.

Later, as she gained prominence, her family background further led to different speculations about her personal beliefs.

However, we cannot consider someone as a Zionist just because of their deeply rooted background in the Jewish community.

Although her religion might suggest she is Zionist not all Jewish people identify themselves as Zionists due to their diverse opinions.

Some of them may fully support Zionism while others prefer to oppose it based on their ideologies.

Nevertheless, spreading rumors about Sarah being a Zionist based on her religious beliefs seems baseless.

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Details On Sarah J Maas’s Personal Life

Apart from her noteworthy career, Sarah J Maas has been happily married to her husband Josh Wasserman since 2010.

The couple tied the knot somewhere at the beginning of 2010 and has been together since then.

Sarah J Mass captured along with her family.
Sarah J Maas is a wonderful mother and wife. (Source: Instagram)

They shared the wedding vows in a private ceremony alongside a few of their close friends and family members.

Sarah and Josh together are blessed with two children named Taran and Sloane from their marriage.

Both of their children are currently in their childhood phase, enjoying the joy of youth and learning new things every single day.

Moreover, as of 2024, Sarah lives in Philadelphia along with her family sharing a strong bond.

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