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Is Shona McGarty Deaf? The Longest Standing Character Leaving!

The versatile actress and singer is in the news as rumors have been circulating that Shona McGarty is deaf amidst the talk of her leaving EastEnders.

Patrick McGarty and Jennifer McNamara welcomed Shona McGarty into the world on October 14, 1991, in Barnet, London.

English actress and singer Shona McGarty is famous for her role as Whitney Dean in the series EastEnders.

Previously, Shona participated in amateur musical theatre with Traffic Lights and Young Stars.

Later, she gained acting experience in Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. Further, Shona made her short film debut in 2007.

Likewise, she also performed for Children in Need on multiple occasions. She even collaborated with other celebrities to make a charity track.

Moreover, she supposedly has an agreement to compete in the upcoming season of Dancing On Ice.

However, the versatile actress and singer is in the news this time not for her talent. The admirers are worried and curious to know if Shona McGarty is deaf.

Is Shona McGarty Deaf?

Amidst all the drama and turn of events, Shona McGarty, being deaf, has been the talk of the town.

Fans have been speculating news to find some answers as no credible source confirms or denies them.

However, no, Shona McGarty is not deaf.

Shona McGarty posing with a friend for the picture
Shona McGarty is currently dating electrician Ryan Harris, whom she met through a mutual friend. (Source: Twitter)

Successful singer and actress Shona McGarty has appeared on EastEnders for 15 years.

She has been performing with no indication that she has hearing loss.

In all of her interviews, she has never hinted at being deaf or having any hearing issues. Indeed, she has demonstrated her singing prowess numerous times.

Rumors about her being deaf may have originated from misunderstanding or speculation, but they lack a basis in reality.

Even her character in EastEnders is not deaf, either. Instead, Whitney Dean is a hearing person who is fluent in English.

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The Longest Standing Character Leaving

After 15 years of portraying Whitney Dean, Shona has finally decided to leave the show EastEnders.

She appeared in an audition for the character of Whitney Dean in 2007 and began filming in January 2008.

Further, Whitney Dean is one of the longest-running characters in the show.

Amidst the rumors of Shona McGarty being deaf, her exit from the show has also been widely discussed.

Shona McGarty posing for a picture on set
Shona McGarty has received praise for her role as Whitney Dean on EastEnders. (Source: Twitter)

In July 2023, she announced her intention to leave the soap opera. She has cited her desire to spread her wings and pursue new activities like singing and dancing.

She has also expressed sadness at saying goodbye to her cast mates and loved ones.

Moreover, the exact date of her exit isn’t on the papers yet, but it will supposedly air in early 2024.

Over the years, she has been a part of numerous tragic storylines, including mistreated, exploited, married, widowed, and pregnant.

At the moment, Zack Hudson and Whitney are dating, but their plans are causing some friction.

She expressed that it was a tough decision to make. However, she acknowledged that it was her best course of action.

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Shona McGarty Upcoming Projects and Career Details

Shona McGarty has some upcoming projects after leaving the cast of the EastEnders.

Reportedly, her next endeavor might be the next series of Dancing On Ice. 

There isn’t any confirmation or denial from her end; thus, fans are eager to know what’s next.

Shona McGarty taking a selfie with her friend
Shona McGarty keeps her family and friends close and is seen hanging out with them. (Source: Twitter)

She also wants to pursue a singing career as she has a musical talent.

Besides, Shona has also made appearances in other TV shows.

She did a crossover between EastEnders and Coronation Street for Children in Need in East Street.

Further, she appeared in two episodes of Lauren’s diary as her friend, Whitney Dean.

Some of her other shows include The Queen Vic Quiz Night and EastEnders: Secrets from the Square.

She won praise from critics for her portrayal of Whitney, who was subjected to sexual abuse by her stepfather, Tony King.

Additionally, Whitney’s difficulties with exploitation for sexual gain, domestic abuse, miscarriage, and murder were depicted admirably.

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