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Ishy Khan Wikipedia, Age, Wife Of BBC’s Antiques Roadshow Expert

An enigmatic figure of BBC Antiques Roadshow Expert, Ishy Khan is shrouded in curiosity and fascination making critics alike with his insightful work. Many are searching the Wikipedia page of Ishy Khan to investigate his details.

Ishy Khan is an antique expert, dealer, and TV personality known for his regular appearances as an expert on the BBC Show Antiques Road Trip.

He is the owner of Ishy Antiques which is based in the jewellery district of London, Hatton Garden.

Further, his Antique business was founded in 2009 and deals with fine antique, vintage, and contemporary jewelry.

Previously, he worked as a Junior Financial Analyst at EurotaxGlass in Weybridge, and Finance Trainee at Petroplan Limited in Guildford.

Now, he works as a Social Media Manager for Sterling Vault Auctioneers which has grabbed fan’s attention to find the Wikipedia page of Ishy Khan for details.

Ishy Khan Wikipedia: In-depth Details Of BBC Antiques Roadshow Expert

After gaining enormous popularity from the BBC Show Antiques Road Trip, the Wikipedia page of Ishy Khan has attracted many people across the world.

The real name of Ishy Khan is Ismael Khan, he is 32 years old and was born on 25 November 1991 in London, United Kingdom.

Ishy Khan has English nationality and Caucasian ethnicity as he is from a pure white family.

Little Ishy with his uncle catching a fish.
Ishy Khans’ real name is Ismael Khan. (Source: Instagram)

Further, Ishy likes to keep things private which resembles hiding the details regarding his parents and siblings.

Regarding his education, Ishy attended Emanuel School in 2002 and graduated in 2009 in London, UK.

After that, he attended the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science and Business/Managerial Economics.

While at Aberystwyth, Ishy served as a student Ambassador for nearly 2 years and was a part of the Biz Society.

Ishy khan out on a single coffee date.
Ishy Khan is a tall guy with having height of 5 feet 11 inches. (Source: Instagram)

Further, Ishy Khan was very smart and intelligent earning him a Certificate in Business Accounting from CIMA.

About his relationships, Ishy Khans’ marriage is unclear, until and unless he opens up himself.

The BBC expert keeps his private life on low characterized by a perplexing blend of determination and audacity in his work and career.

Despite being The BBC Antiques expert, Ishy Khan has yet to have a Wikipedia page dedicated to his name.

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Ishy Khan In BBC’s Antiques Roadshow

Antiques Roadshow broadcast by the BBC is a TV show in which antiques appraisers travel to various regions of the United Kingdom.

The owner of Ishy Antiques, Ishy Khan is a specialist Antique Jewellery company based in Hatton Garden.

He made his Antiques Roadshow Debut on 6 March 2023, during Episode 16 of the Antiques Road Trip series 26.

Finally, according to his statement, Ishy Khan joined the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow in February 2023 to explore and experience more.

Ishy Khan in one of the episode of Antiques Roadshow.
Ishy Khan is very active on Instagram posting lots of travel photos and videos. (Source: Instagram)

In further episodes, Audenices loved watching the performance by Ishy Khan which made him trending on the internet.

Besides, in one of the episodes aired, Ishy strikes a jewelry box filled with treasure, including an RAF sweetheart brooch.

The expert also gambles on a locked box with no key, in the hope that bidders expect treasures.

Further, netizens demand the Wikipedia of Ishy Khan for his net worth which is estimated net worth of around £1 Million.

Besides, has earned from his Antique Jewelleries and his agency Ishy Antiques has an annual turnover of around £400K.

Despite the enigmatic nature of Ishy Khan, his journey is a testament to the power of individuality and resilience.

His story serves as an inspiration to defy convention and venturing into uncharted territories.

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