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Ivonne Del Valle Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is Berkeley Professor?

After her students protested her suspension, people online became intrigued to learn more about Ivonne Del Valle and her Wikipedia page.

Ivonne Del Valle was a tenured associate professor of colonial studies in Berkeley’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

The university suspended Valle following three investigations related to harassment.

Further, she was charged with stalking Joshua Clover, an English and comparative literature professor.

However, many students are against such allegations towards their Spanish teacher.

Moreover, they recently staged a sit-down protest at the start of the Cal-USC football game.

With this, attention has shifted to Ivonne Del Valle and her details, including her Wikipedia.

Ivonne Del Valle Wikipedia: The Colonial Studies Professor

As Ivonne Del Valle makes headlines, more and more people have shown their interest in her Wikipedia.

Many recognize her as an important historian and a prominent professor at the University of California.

Born in 1975, Ivonne Del Valle comes from a Mexican background.

However, people do not know her exact date of birth partly due to the lack of a Wikipedia page for Ivonne Del Valle.

Ivonne Del Valle protest
The University of California suspended Valle. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, her parents raised her in Guadalajara, where she completed most of her schooling.

In 1993, Valle enrolled at Universidade Guadalajara, where she majored in Hispanic American Letters.

Later, she moved to the United States after earning her bachelor’s degree.

After her move, Valle joined the University of California Berkeley (UCB) for her Ph.D. in Letras Hispanoamericanas.

Likewise, she completed her doctorate and joined the University of Michigan as an associate professor.

Between 2004 and 2009, Valle shared her wisdom as an educator until she moved back to UCB.

Further, the professor also co-directed the intellectual Berkley research group known as Mexico and the Rule of Law.

Ivonne Del Valle professor
Valle has published work on Spanish affairs. (Source: Reddit)

There, Valle expressed her thoughts in a book and a series of articles.

Additionally, these works ventured deep into the Jesuits, Spanish America’s colonization, and political theories.

Similarly, Valle and her work provided a landscape to understand colonization and its altering effects.

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Ivonne Del Valle’s Age: How Old Is The UC Berkeley Professor?

Another thing that people are curious about with Wikipedia is the age of Ivonne Del Valle.

As her exact birth date is not known, people have speculated that Valle is 48 years old based on her birth year.

Since a young age, Valle has given multiple proofs of her intelligence and dedication to her studies.

Ivonne Del Valle justice
Valle harassed and stalked one of the professors, which resulted in her suspension. (Source: Twitter)

Throughout her career, she has achieved many milestones, which has gained her popularity among students.

However, in 2018, Valle was the subject of investigation for misconduct.

The professor repeatedly harassed, stalked, and fought back against Joshua Clover.

In addition, Valle also violates orders to cease contact with him.

However, supporters firmly believed that she was the real victim of harassment and online stalking.

Moreover, Valle claimed that a fellow professor, Clover, hacked her social accounts and attacked her.

However, investigations proved that Valle was involved in damaging Clover’s car and vandalizing the area outside his apartment.

UC protest
Valle’s students protested for her reinstatement in the college. (Source: Twitter)

Further, she reached out to Clover’s friends and left messages outside his mother’s home.

Valle also acknowledged calling Clover’s office phone multiple times within a short span.

Despite the proof, Valle consistently claimed her actions were the result of a lack of support.

Over five years, the situation unraveled, leading to Valle’s suspension in the fall of 2021.

Recently, she has been fighting to be reinstated, and her students are backing her.

They printed the phrase “Justice 4 Ivonne” on their shirts as they stormed the California Memorial Stadium.

Further, the students are also planning a hunger strike for the cause.

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