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Jackboy Wikipedia, Age: Meet Rapper Signed With Travis Scott

People are concerned about the safety of the talented rapper Jackboy after a recent violent incident, leading to a spike in searches on his Wikipedia page.

Jackboy, a famous Haitian rapper and social media personality, gained recognition for his 2016 mixtape, Stick Up Kid.

Additionally, people recognize him not only for his music career but also as a model.

Yet, what sets Jackboy’s music apart is its authenticity, delivering raw and original content to his audience.

People also admire his expertise in the music industry, strong and bold personality, and easy-going nature.

However, after Jackboy signed with Travis Scott, and the false rumor of him being dead started swirling around, people became curious about the rapper.

This has made people curious, prompting them to search for a Wikipedia page about the rapper Jackboy.

Jackboy Wikipedia: What Is The Rapper Popular For?

Many people have searched for a Wikipedia page about the rapper Jackboy to delve into his impressive work.

Regrettably, there isn’t a dedicated Wikipedia page for the artist currently. But here is every ounce of detail on him.

Jackboy is renowned for his 2016 mixtape Stick Up Kid and frequent collaboration with fellow rapper Kodak Black.

Later, he added another mixtape titled New Jack City to his songs list, which gained him fame.

Jackboy singing in the mic
In 2017, Jackboy racked up over 85 million views and over 160 million streams on YouTube. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, born in Haiti, Jackboy’s music reflects diverse influences.

Additionally, he is also acknowledged for albums like Bitch I’m Up and Scowl 2017, which feature widely renowned songs.

Jackboy’s objective in creating music is to leave the audience with a profound sense of joy and excitement that entices them to return for more.

Following his values, in July 2017, Jackboy gained popularity with the song Grimace.

Furthermore, collaborating with Kodak Black on G to the A, he garnered over 37 million views.

In 2019, he released the well-received Lost In My Head, which featured hits like Not A Clone and Bipolar.

Likewise, in April 2020, Jackboy expressed emotions and defiance in the opening track Pressure from his album JACKBOY.

Jackboy wearing a shorts
Jackboy is one of the richest rappers in the United States. (Source: Instagram)

In addition, his collaboration with Kodak Black on Like A Million resulted in the video for Cleaning Crew reaching #3 on YouTube’s trending charts.

Likewise, people have recently become curious about him because he collaborated with Travis Scott on the popular album JACKBOYS.

Nevertheless, Jackboy has continued gaining popularity, solidifying his status as a favorite rapper.

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Rapper JackBoy’s Age And Early Life Detail

People actively sought out the Wikipedia page of Jackboy to uncover details about his personal and early life, including his age.

Unfortunately, it becomes difficult to access due to the lack of a dedicated Wikipedia page for Jackboy. Yet, some sources have revealed parts of his life.

Jackboy was born Pierre Delince on August 27, 1997, making him 26 years old.

Likewise, Jackboy and his family moved to the United States when he was just six years old, residing in various South Florida cities before settling in Pompano Beach.

However, Jackboy has kept details about his parents and family members private, maintaining a separation between his personal and professional life.

Jackboy shirtless looking down wearing chain
Jackboy is quite famous for his stylish looks. (Source: Instagram)

Originally from Haiti, he spent his formative years in Pompano Beach, Florida.

In an interview with XXL magazine, Jackboy mentioned that he grew up listening to Gucci Mane and Boosie Badazz.

Notably, he encountered early challenges, getting arrested at 11 for breaking into someone’s home.

Regardless of all, he began publishing his music online in 2016.

Furthermore, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree from a public US state university, and people recognize him for his incredible talent and hard work.

Despite these challenges, Jackboy has garnered recognition as a famous rapper.

People admire Jackboy’s positive attitude and determination to make dreams a reality.

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