HomesingerJacqui Abbott Husband: Is The Beautiful South Vocalist Married? Family Tree

Jacqui Abbott Husband: Is The Beautiful South Vocalist Married? Family Tree

People are curious about Jacqui Abbott’s husband and married life.

One of the most well-known figures in British music history is Jacqui Abbott. Her vocal career peaked while she was a member of The Beautiful South. As she continues to garner millions of views on YouTube, her songs are well-liked worldwide.

The singer, born in 1973, established a reliable career in her home nation. Even though she has traveled for work, she adores her country and wouldn’t choose any other.

Jacqui Abbott Husband: Is The Beautiful South Vocalist Married?

According to numerous reports, Paul Heaton is Jacqui Abbott’s husband. However, none of those rumors are true. Paul and Linda Heaton were married in 2016.

Jacqui Abbott with Paul Heaton (Source: Instagram)

Paul Heaton, a co-founder of Beautiful South, met Abbott when she and a friend first encountered him outside a nightclub. At the gathering, Heaton invited them, and Abbott’s friend encouraged her to sing. She impressed Heaton with her singing, and he later asked her to try out to take Corrigan’s place.

Regarding Jacqui’s husband, nothing is known about him. According to her Wikipedia page, Jacqui is already a mother; however, no information is available regarding her son’s Father.

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Perhaps it is something she feels awkward talking about. One must honor her request for privacy.

Jacqui Abbott Family Tree: Where Are They From?

Although Jacqui Abbott has a page on Wikipedia, her family is not mentioned there. Her family hails from England originally.

There are currently no additional details available about her parents. When Jacqui was born, the couple lived in Lancashire.

She walked away from the band to be there for her son as he grew up. It was admirable how much she did for her son, who has autism, given his condition.

Due to the stress of touring, she left the band, “The Beautiful South,” in 2000. Abbott wanted to focus on caring for her son, who had recently been diagnosed with autism, but a hectic tour schedule would have interfered with that goal.

She returned to school, retrained as a teaching assistant, and accepted a position at her son’s school. She then withdrew from public view for more than ten years.

Jacqui Abbott Illness: What Happened To Her?

Jacqui’s illness in 2021 was a significant topic because she had to cancel the tour due to illness. According to the Twitter announcement, she was given the go-ahead to withdraw by medical professionals.

She never clarified the nature of her ailment. Perhaps she prefers to keep that private to herself. We are unaware of any chronic illnesses the singer may have. After overcoming her illness, Jacqui is prepared to engage with fans.

Jacqui did not attend the performance due to illness. (Source:

The Beautiful South duo and special guest Billy Bragg were scheduled to perform at the Hydro in 2017. Jacqui did not, however, attend the gig because of her illness.

Paul informed fans via social media that Jacqui would be unable to appear at any of the events scheduled for the weekend, but he assured them that he and the band would still perform fantastically.

Jacqui Abbott Net Worth In 2024 Explored

According to, Jacqui Abbott’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be $1.5 Million.

A chance encountered with the Beautiful South frontman when she was a young adult and an amateur singer resulted in an invitation for her and a friend to an after-show Party. She was encouraged to sing by her friend, and Heaton was astounded by her voice. 

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A year and a half later, Abbott was employed as a supermarket shelf-stacker when Heaton unexpectedly invited her to an audition for the Beautiful South, which was looking for a replacement for Briana Corrigan. Abbott aced the interview and shot to fame.



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