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Jasmine Roth Wikipedia Husband: Help! I Wrecked My House Host

TV personality Jasmine Roth is also a California-based designer and builder who has transformed cookie-cutter houses into custom dream homes as a host of HGTV for two seasons. Her noteworthy work has let people search for more information about Jasmine Roth on Wikipedia.

Born on September 17, 1984, in Virginia, USA, Jasmine Roth keeps her family details private.

She pursued her education at Northeastern University, majoring in Business Management.

Her interest in innovative construction led her to a career as a real estate agent with Northeastern Metro Realty.

Through hard work and dedication, she eventually became a star on HGTV, showcasing her impressive career growth.

Additionally, she is married to Breth Roth, whose family owns a national staffing company.

While her family background remains confidential, her journey from college to real estate success.

Her personal and professional life has made netizens interested in having more information about Jasmine Roth on the Wikipedia page. 

Jasmine Roth Wikipedia: Early Fame And Career

Jasmine Roth, the TV personality renowned for her captivating transformations on HGTV, regrettably does not feature on Wikipedia.

Nevertheless, IMDb has thoughtfully curated a page dedicated to her remarkable career achievements.

Jasmine has an impressive track record of turning ordinary houses into customized designer masterpieces while maintaining affordable prices.

Her dedication to her craft serves as an inspiration to those with a penchant for creative thinking.

Jasmine Roth while working at HGTV.
Jasmine Roth, the visionary behind Built Custom Homes, the curator of The Shop by Jasmine Roth, and the charismatic host of HGTV’s hit show ‘Hidden Potential. (Source: Instagram)

Jasmine found her voice early in a predominantly male-dominated construction and design industry.

She actively mentored other women in leadership roles, breaking barriers and promoting diversity.

Notably, in 2017, she received several awards, including the prestigious 2017 Best of Houzz for Design.

Jasmine’s family has been a crucial pillar of support, standing hand-in-hand with her to help realize her dreams.

And in the future, we might see the Jasmine Roth Wikipedia page with her excellent work featured.

But for now, the absence of her Wikipedia page doesn’t stop users from being curious about her family and social media handles. 

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The Family Of Jasmine Roth And Social Media

Jasmine Roth, a renowned designer, enjoys a significant social media presence.

With over 507k followers on her Instagram account, she regularly shares her daily accomplishments with her audience.

Her Facebook page also boasts 85k followers who appreciate her content.

Additionally, Jasmine actively participates in the HGTV YouTube channel, which has amassed approximately 626k subscribers.

She is also active on Linkedin and has over 500 connections with 1.3k followers.

Jasmine Roth and her husband Breth Roth
Jasmine Roth with her husband celebrating their 10th marriage anniversary. (Source: Instagram)

However, it’s noteworthy that she remains conspicuously absent from Twitter for reasons unknown.

She also dedicates quality leisure time to her family and her husband. But information about her parents is kept private.

Jasmine and her husband, Breth Roth, and their children are prominent on her social media.

However, Breth Roth, Jasmine’s husband, remains a seldom-seen aspect of her life on-screen.

The family of Jasmine Roth getting ready for Halloween.
Jasmine Roth is celebrating Halloween with her husband and Daughter. (Source: Instagram)

Breth Roth operates a national staffing company alongside his family. Jasmine once remarked that his work demands he don a suit for work daily.

The couple tied the knot in 2013 in Park City, Utah, which intriguingly coincided with the flourishing of Jasmine’s career.

Their family expanded in April 2020 when they welcomed their daughter, Hazel Lynn Roth, marking the beginning of their parenthood journey.

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