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Jellyfish Alien UAP Video Trending! What Is The Strange Object In Iraq?

Recently, a bizarre video of a strange object resembling a jellyfish alien has been making waves on social media. The video, reportedly captured in Iraq, has sparked widespread intrigue and fascination. What exactly is this enigmatic object, and where did it come from?

A video purporting to show a bizarre jellyfish-like unidentified Anomalous phenomenon (UAP) over a U.S. joint operations base in Iraq has piqued curiosity among people on the internet.

The clip was first posted on Instagram by artist and filmmaker Jeremy Corbell and later appeared on many other social media platforms, such as Twitter.

Moreover, the leaked video comes at a time when there have been reports of UFO sightings across the world.

Scientists and experts have weighed in on the jellyfish alien video, offering a spectrum of hypotheses and interpretations.

Further, Social media buzzed with responses: some likened the object to a camera streak, while others embraced its authenticity.

As the video continues to trend and captivate audiences worldwide, it underscores the enduring fascination with the unexplained and the quest for discovery.

Jellyfish Alien UAP Video: What Is The Strange Object In Iraq? The Truth

The term jellyfish alien has been used to describe the peculiar appearance of the object in the video.

Its translucent, undulating form has left many viewers questioning whether it could be of extraterrestrial origin.

Therefore, the range of objects is still unknown, and many theories of terrorist attacks and alien invasion are likely to be rumors only.

The video generated a lot of responses on social media, with some users comparing the object to a smudge on camera while others believed it to be true.

Further, the object traversed a sensitive military installation before submerging into the water, raising questions about its nature.

After 17 minutes, the UAP reemerged from the water and disappeared at a high rate of speed.

Besides, in the latest clip, the object switches between black and white as it glided effortlessly over the military facility.

The video of Jellyfish like UAP, apparently taken at a U.S. joint operations base in Iraq.
The footage of the object was taken with thermographic forward-looking infrared radar. (Source: Reddit)

Likewise, According to Corbell, the Pentagon formally identified the object observed in the video as a UAP.

However, the Pentagon has not provided public commentary or issued an official statement regarding the footage.

Nevertheless, Corbell’s Twitter handle states that he captured the video using thermographic, forward-looking infrared radar.

Also, the UAP exhibited low observability, remained invisible in Night Vision (IR), and seemed to disrupt optical platform targeting.

Thus, such peculiar behavior has led to a flurry of questions regarding the possible propulsion and composition of the object.

The allure of the unknown captivates, urging contemplation of mysteries beyond current understanding, sparking the perpetual fascination of the human imagination.

Nonetheless, the video’s object prompts reflection on earthly or extraordinary origin, a reminder of mysteries in our journey of discovery.

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Jellyfish Alien UAP Video Trending! Some Conspiracy Theories

The video captivates UFO enthusiasts and skeptics, fueling theories and speculation about the enigmatic nature of this mysterious entity.

People are arguing whether it’s a rare natural event in the sky or an advanced technology that is beyond human understanding.

The debate surrounding the video has ignited a sense of wonder and curiosity, driving the quest for answers and explanations.

Iraq’s jellyfish alien UAP video narrative urges contemplating vast possibilities, fostering vigilance in the pursuit of truth and understanding.

The object like Jellyfish like UAP came under the radar of Iraq security of defense which was never encountered before.
In 2018, the object was filmed over a joint operations base in Iraq. (Source: Reddit)

Nevertheless, the video has sparked many conspiracy theories and observations from intrigued and curious.

Opinions diverge, with some fearing a terrorist attack while others speculate an alien invasion capable of Earth’s destruction.

However, there is a possible theory that the object might be the creation of AI because of its color-shifting trait and momentum.

Hence, the viral jellyfish alien UAP video reignites a sense of wonder, fostering collective curiosity and exploring the unknown.

What are your thoughts on this intriguing video? Share perspectives and join the ongoing conversation about the jellyfish alien UAP video from Iraq.

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