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Meet Aliona Baranova, Jennifer English Girlfriend: Romance and Dating History

Shadow Heart actress Jennifer English is in the limelight after the launch of her project, and fans are now more curious about her life, including her girlfriend.

Jennifer English is a British actress and voice actress popularly known for her role in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Her voice acting career began in 2017 when she played a character in the video game Divinity: Original Sin II.

In 2019, the actress secured her first starring role in the television documentary The Killer Beside Me, making a significant milestone in her acting career.

Over the years, Jennifer is best known for voicing Shadowheart in Baldur’s Gate III and Latenna in Elden Ring.

With the official launch of Baldur’s Gate, fans are now curious about her personal life, including Jennifer English girlfriend.

Who Is Jennifer English Girlfriend: Aliona Baranova?

Jennifer has not hesitated to open up about her sexuality, and her dating Aliona Baranova has led fans to dig deeper into her romantic life.

Aliona and Jennifer met each other on their set as Aliona happened to be her performance director in Baldur’s Gate 3.

This show gave English fame and her love of life, so the actress working four years to bring Shadow Heart to life was worth it.

Jennifer and her girlfriend
Jennifer met her girlfriend while on set recording her motion capture scenes. (Source: Instagram )

Aliona Baranova, Jennifer English girlfriend, is an actress and performance director from England, U.K.

She is mostly popular for Total War: Warhammer III and Maternal.

As a performance director and actress, Baranova seems to appreciate both roles.

Starring in Maternal, The Occupant: prologue and being a performance director on Baldur’s Gate 3Aliona has gained lots of appreciation from fans.

Additionally, she is an activist protesting against Putin’s military invasion and aggression in Ukraine.

Despite being famous, Aliona has not disclosed her personal life online. So, only little is known about her childhood and family.

But the couple has been public and loud about their beautiful relationship, setting examples for many, not to mention the LGBTQ+ community.

Shadowheart voice actress
It took over four years for Jennifer to bring Shadowheart to life. (Source: BBC)

Not just others, the couple has been each other’s biggest inspiration.

Eventually, we can easily see this through their Instagram post being super supportive of one another.

The duo’s beautiful love story started in 2021, thanks to the show, and they are still happily together.

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Has Aliona Baranova Ever Dated A Guy? Dating History

After Jennifer revealed her past relationship through a post on Instagram, netizens are now interested in Jennifer English girlfriend’s romance history.

At the end of 2021, the Instagram video shared by Jennifer got quite the hype where she mentioned how painful it was to end a 9-year-old relationship.

While the actress has opened up about her past romance, we could not find any details about her girlfriend’s past relationships.

Jennifer and her gf Christmas's photo
Jennifer and her girlfriend are celebrating Christmas together. (Source: Instagram ) 

Even though Aliona is mostly active on her social media, she has only made her work and current relationship public.

Undoubtedly, Baranova has managed to maintain her privacy very effectively, including her past dating history.

Hence, no conclusions can be made about her past relationships.

Nevertheless, Aliona seems proud to be dating Jennifer. Besides her work, her girlfriend is the only person she talks much about on social media.

The best part is the couple keeps sharing their cute moments on Instagram.

Clearly, their amazing relationship is proof that love has no boundaries. Also, these two beautiful souls are inspirations for many.

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