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Jessica Tarlov Wikipedia Ethnicity: Is Fox Journalist Jewish?

In the world of American politics, a name shines bright ‘Jessica Tarlov.’ She has many fans wanting to know more about her life in detail. Let’s explore this Jessica Tarlov Wikipedia article to know more.

Jessica Tarlov is a very popular name in the world of politics and media.

She has been able to make a mark with her amazing personality and commentary on screen.

The famous media personality was born in the year 1984, March 9, in the city of Manhattan, New York.

People often refer to Jessica as ‘beauty with brains’ because of her impressive knowledge in the field of politics and her amazing looks.

And this time around, netizens are looking up Wikipedia pages to know more about Jessica Tarlov.

Jessica Tarlov Wikipedia: A Rising Star in Politics and Media 

She was born to the famous director and producer Mark Tarlov and an actress mother, Judith Roberts.

Jessica Tarlove proudly refers to her as a Jewish American.

She has a very impressive educational background, and she has a bachelor’s degree in arts from Bryn Mawr College.

Jessica Tarlov father and mother
Jessica seems like she values her family a lot and is a very devoted daughter. (Source: Twitter)

Not only that, she also has a master’s degree in research and political science and a PhD in Political science and government.

Jessica did her PhD from the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science.

Her career in politics started as a project manager; she would manage various political projects as part of her first job.

After that, she got another job as a Research Assistant at Douglas Schoen LLC.

It was during her next job at The London School of Economics that she learned about the academic side of politics.

But the turning point for Jessica was when she got a role in BackBoris Organisation.

She worked there as a Communication and Digital Strategist.

This job was the beginning of her journey in media which later turned her into the prominent figure that she is now.

Jessica tarlov Selfie
Jessica often shares her daily life updates through her Twitter account, which is very wholesome. (Source: Twitter)

Further in her career, Jessica got a chance to work alongside Douglas Schoen as a Democratic Political Strategist.

After her amazing work in politics, she made a decision to switch to a commentator.

Her first job as a commentator was for the famous company Fox News Channel.

Jessica’s vast background in politics was a plus point for her new job, which allowed her to have great discussions on various political topics.

Her commentary started getting praise for how detailed and informative they were.

She later went on to become the Senior Director of Research and Consumer Insight at Bustle Digital Group.

Jessica Tarlov: A Multi-Faceted Career and a Million-Dollar Net Worth

Jessica also has a book that she was a co-author on, which is called ‘America in the Age of Trump.

The book received much praise for providing a great insight into the politics during Trump’s tenure.

These were her professional details, but her personal life has also been able to grab a lot of attention.

Jessica Tarlov Wikipedia
Jessica now has a family of her own and looks very much in love with them. (Source: Twitter)

Jessica was to marry a man named Roman Vladimirovich Kuznetsov; their engagement news made many headlines.

However, for some reason, the engagement did not work out, and they made a decision to part ways.

Later in life, she was to meet her soulmate in Canadian documentary filmmaker Brain Mckenna.

They made it official in May of 2021, and she soon gave birth to their daughter Cleo Markie Mckenna.

Jessica Tarlov does not have a Wikipedia page yet, but it has been reported that Jessica’s net worth is around a shocking $3.8 million.

Her massive net worth comes from her successful career in media and politics.

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