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Dan Loves Jaekyung?! Jinx Chapter 40 Manhwa Spoilers, Leaks

Jinx Chapter 40 promises to be an explosive one, with the earlier Chapter finally giving fans what they wanted. What now lies ahead for Kim Dan and Jaekyung?

One of the most well-liked Manhwa in Korea at the moment is Jinx. The Manhwa has so far published 39 Chapters.

With each passing Chapter, fans are only growing more and more excited for what is to come ahead.

The recent wait for Chapter 40 is no different either. The Chapter is set to release on November 22 in most countries.

Although raw scans have already been available to those keen on knowing what is to come.

The show has gained popularity for its LGBTQ themes. The show’s titular characters are shown to be in love.

The intense chemistry between the characters in Chapter 39 has increased the hype for Jinx Chapter 40.

Dan Loves Jaekyung? Jinx Chapter 40 Manhwa Spoilers, Leaks

The series surrounds the interesting dynamic between Kim Dan and Jaekyung.

Hence, fans were aware that a major turn was likely on the way.

Jinx Chapter 39 has paved the clear path now, and Chapter 40 is likely to build on this.

However, what Chapter 39 has done is it has made Kim Dan even more vulnerable.

Dan goes to Jaekyung's room after the text
Fighting and sex are so closely related in Jaekyung’s subconscious.

Fans were expecting that Jaekyung would be the one to realize the feelings and apologize to Kim Dan.

This expected apology would be for the harsh way that he has been treating Kim Dan all the way.

Kim Dan himself believes that he is on the tour only for the Jinx. Fans, too, believe that Jaekyung is only using Kim Dan.

Hence, the anticipation from fans was for Jaekyung to break down and apologize eventually.

But in Jinx Chapter 40, it does not look likely to happen.

Jinx Chapter 40 has become one of the most awaited Chapter so far
Dan seems to be struggling with keeping his emotions about Jaekyung to himself.

The major reason is that Jaekyung now knows what Kim Dan feels like towards him.

Given Jaekyung’s dominating nature, things are only expected to escalate further in terms of his indecent behavior.

Even though only physical, the relationship has taken a concrete direction now.

Although there are optimistic fan theories, there are also some pessimistic theories floating around.

One obvious theory is that Jaekyung will use this to his advantage to tease Kim Dan even further.

However, some optimistic fans believe that this could prove as the start of their relationship.

Hence, fans are keenly awaiting the drop of Jinx Chapter 40 to have a hint about the direction it takes the characters.

Why The Excitement For Chapter 40? What Happened Earlier In Chapter 39?

One major brewing dynamic that we have been seeing is that of Kim Dan and Jaekyung.

Kim Dan has not been himself since he took the spiked drink meant for Jaekyung.

Recently, under the influence of the spiked substance, Kim Dan has not been doing well.

Jaekyung tells Dan that he was supposed to come to his room at 11
Every doctor who worked for Jaekyung left from terror.

This becomes evident when Dan expresses how he feels about Jaekyung.

Unfortunately, though, Jaekyung finds this as an opportunity to simply play with Dan.

Kim Dan and Jaekyung get intimate with each other. And during this, Kim Dan blurts out his feelings.

This is the first time in the series that Kim Dan expresses his feelings for Jaekyung rather openly.

Jaekyung seemingly brushes this off as he thinks this to be out of line for Kim Dan. Now it is up to Jinx Chapter 40 to let fans know where this dynamic goes.

Jinx Chapter 40 Manhwa Potential Direction

In Jinx Chapter 40, we can expect to see Jaekyung and Kim Dan talk about what happened earlier.

Even though Kim Dan was not himself earlier, it is evident that Jaekyung was sober, and he now knows.

This is set to create a rather interesting chemistry between the two. Until now, Jaekyung has been treating Kim Dan rather harshly.

Dan and Jaekyung in his room getting intimate before Jinx Chapter 40
Jaekyung sees Dan as a way to continue winning in the fighting ring.

Hence, fans are excited to know how Jaekyung reacts in Jinx Chapter 40.

Further, before Jinx Chapter 40, Jaekyung is unaware of how Kim Dan feels about him.

Now even though in a dizzy state, Kim Dan has blurted out that he loves Jaekyung.

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