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Johnny Silverhand Tattoo: What Do The Digits And Alphabets Mean?

In Cyberpunk 2077, a role-playing video game, Johnny Silverhand is a famous rocker-boy and singer. Currently, fans are discussing the unique tattoo of Johnny Silverhand.

Johnny used to be a part of the Samurai band until it broke up in the year 2008.

He is not just a singer but also a military veteran who often fought against the corrupted NUSA government.

Johnny is also always taking action against the illegal things done by megacorporations.

Due to his actions, he often gets the label of a terrorist by the government.

Many describe the character of Johnny as very irrational, impulsive, and manipulative.

However, despite his complex personality, many fans admire Johnny Silverhand, so they are often very interested in everything about him, including his tattoos.

Decoding Johnny Silverhand Tattoo: Fusion Of Symbols & Meaning

The tattoo that has left many fans wondering about it has a very unique design to it.

It is a fusion of Asian letters, English letters, and symbols, which together look very captivating.

The first thing fans notice about the tattoo is the Asian letter in the tattoo that reads ‘Go Hi.’

Johnny Silverhand Tattoo
Johnny Silverhand’s tattoo is very captivating and has caught the attention of many. (Source: Reddit)

Many believe that ‘Go Hi’ represents the phrases ‘Go Fire’ or ‘Ignite,’ which is relevant to the game’s theme.

This reminds the fan of the game’s rebellion and revolution theme.

Some also say this is reminiscent of the line from the game’s trailer: “Wake the f up samurai, we got a city to burn.”

The other numerical symbol in the tattoo is the ‘G20’ symbol. 

As many of us know, the G20 is an international group consisting of 19 different countries.

The countries have come together to face various global challenges, economic crises, and climate changes.

Johnny Cyberpunk 2077
The unique symbols and letters are a great way for makers to add depth to Johnny’s tattoo. (Source: Twitter)

However, it is not hidden that the G20 has not always been able to do what it is supposed to.

So, many fans believe that the G20 tattoo of Johnny Silverhand is his way of symbolizing the limitations of the international group.

The delta (∆) symbol in the Johnny Silvehand tattoo that follows the G20 tattoo symbolizes a coming change.

The delta symbol, according to many fans, is the symbol of eventually breaking free and transformation.

Unraveling Mystery: Unique Digits & Alphabets Meaning Of Johnny Silverhand Tattoo

The next similar symbol in the Johnny Silverhand tattoo is the ‘µ’ symbol.

This ‘µ’ symbol is a symbol that, in the scientific field, represents the terms coefficient of friction and viscosity.

Both the coefficient of friction and viscosity mean a resistance to motion or a change in liquids.

Fans assume that the placement of the ‘µ’ symbol in the Johnny Silverhand tattoo symbolizes the resistance to the various entities.

Another detail in the tattoo is the ‘GAM,’ which many believe is short for ‘Generalized Additive Model.’

Johnny Silverhand Cyberpunk
The Cyberpunk 2077 universe is one filled with many hidden theories and mysteries. (Source: Twitter)

The ‘Generalized Additive Model’ is a model that makes various predictions.

The next letters in the tattoo are ‘NC’ and ‘E’, ‘NC’ being the short for ‘Night City’ and ‘E’ being the short for ‘Eddies.’

‘Night City’ is the location in the Cyberpunk 2077 world where most of the game revolves around.

‘Eddies’ represents the currency of the Cyberpunk 2077 game, and adding it to the tattoo is likely to symbolize the chaos caused by it.

The tattoo has such an interesting tattoo placement that many fans are wondering if it also symbolizes something.

The tattoo lies on the arm of Johnny Silverhand and is very bold-looking.

This could have been done to perfectly showcase the rebellious character of Johnny Silverhand through his tattoo.

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