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Does Jordan Neely Have Tattoo? Meaning And Design- Subway Video Reddit

The death of Jordan Neely has sparked outrage among New Yorkers, as it was captured and shared on social media. Keep reading to learn more.

The late Jordan Neely, a 30-year-old Black man, was killed on the subway by a passenger who put him in a fatal chokehold.

Neely is remembered fondly by those who knew him for his talent, liveliness, and determination.

He was a well-known subway performer who impersonated Michael Jackson and moonwalked on subway platforms since 2009.

Despite his charismatic performances, Neely was struggling with mental illness.

His condition was exacerbated by a lack of stable housing and the traumatic murder of his mother at the hands of her abusive boyfriend when Neely was just 14.

The elected officials have also shown rage as the city faces challenges in providing housing and mental health services to homeless individuals and mental patients.

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Does Jordan Neely Have A Tattoo? Meaning And Design

Jordan Neely did not have any tattoos, but he had a close friend named Melyssa Votta, a tattoo artist in Canarsie.

Votta and Neely became friends while in high school, and they remained close even though Neely was struggling with his living situation in New York City.

Votta described Neely as a sweet kid who was passionate about performance. They often spent time together at Union Square Park and a nearby McDonald’s.

Neely had lived in Bayonne, New Jersey as a teenager and testified in court at the trial of his mother’s killer more than four years after she died in 2007.

Jordan Neely did not have tattoo
Jordan Neely did not have a tattoo (Source: Grazia Daily)

Her abusive boyfriend had strangled her and dumped her body off a Bronx highway.

Neely realized something was wrong when his mother didn’t wake him up for school, and her boyfriend blocked him from entering their bedroom.

According to NJ.com, Jordan Neely’s testimony helped convict the killer.

Despite some attempts to portray him as dangerous and violent, many people who knew Neely remember him as kind and talented.

He was a Michael Jackson impersonator who had gained a following within and beyond New York City for his dance skills,

Neely’s performances were shared on a Facebook group with thousands of followers.

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Jordan Neely: Subway Video Reddit 

The video of Jordan Neely getting strangulated has been circulating on different social media platforms, including Reddit.

Neely, a talented dancer, was killed on May 1 after being placed in a chokehold by a man on a subway car in New York City.

The 24-year-old man who killed him, reportedly a US marine veteran, has not been named by authorities.

Jordan Neely was strangulated to death by a white male
Jordan Neely was strangulated to death by a white male (Source: New York Post)

Furthermore, it has been reported that the police have released the white male, and no charges have been filed against him yet.

An online fundraiser has been set up by Carolyn Neely, who identifies as Jordan Neely’s aunt, to seek justice following his killing.

She described him as a talented black man who loved to dance and hoped her nephew’s death wouldn’t go unnoticed.

Jordan’s death cause was listed by the medical examiner as strangulation and ruled as a homicide.

The Manhattan district attorney is investigating the incident, which occurred after two other individuals held Neely’s arms as he struggled while the man choked him, according to a social media video.

People are questioning why society dehumanizes Black people and individuals with mental health issues and added that it was not justified to take someone’s life.

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